• February 22nd, 2019
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Stand Up Comedy Heading for the coast

By Irmi Schreiber WINDHOEK Following their sold-out tour-de-force of belly-ache laughter in August, Namibia's comedy duo, Lazarus Jacobs and Neville Basson return to the coast this Christmas season with a fresh batch of witticisms, hilarious social commentary and their patented caustic political satire. Headlined as "Krizza innie 'Kasie"(Christmas in the Location), Lazarus and Neville's new show is a trip down memory lane, recounting stories of Santa's visits to the shacks in the locations and how Santa lost the address of the comrades living in exile. However, instead of Santa, hordes of unwanted relatives suddenly turn up unannounced, and the joys of communal living with the extended family turn to a parody of Namibia's liberation struggle. And on that subject Lazarus will be handing out a few home hitting blows on Namibia's recent national "nuances": the founding father of the nation and mass graves all promise to afford you a view of our politics from "the far side". Naturally they pick up their running commentary of Namibia's political arena where their previous hit-show "Rent-A-Darkie" left off. As playwright, director, columnist, businessman, Lazarus Jacobs is probably over-qualified for the job, and since teaming with colleague Neville Basson four years ago, the two have become Namibia's only home-grown stand-up comedy show. Although they kicked off their careers with "stuffy" issues like national reconciliation and democracy in post-independent Namibia, they soon discovered the real niche for their extensive talent and twisted humour. Diverting to print media in 1994 Lazarus wrote the highly controversial but very entertaining Ek se Kuume column for The Namibian newspaper, while Neville has extended his revelations on cross-cultural heritage to a larger reading audience through his weekly column Motjavi in the New Era newspaper. The transition to stand-up comedy was unstoppable, allowing them plenty of licence to deliver their popular "township" - humour, quick wit and seat-cringing satire. And with the silly season at our heels Father Christmas-of-the-nation will be hard pressed delivering freedom, black economic empowerment and Mercedes Compressors. "F#*% the Barbie Dolls!" Dates & Venues: Thursday, December 22: Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre, Spitzkoppe Hall, Tel. 064-4105200 Friday, December 23: Pelican Bay Hotel, Walvis Bay, Tel. 064 -214000
New Era Reporter
2005-12-12 00:00:00 13 years ago

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