• February 16th, 2019
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Felix Unite for Adventure

By Fifi Rhodes Noordoewer VAST expanses of space and silence, drought and blazing summer sunshine. Across the arid landscape, the Orange River flows, at places in a sluggish tide, at others in a powerful explosion of sound and fury. Were it not for the river, much of the region may well have remained bleak. Instead, prosperous towns and villages have risen from its banks, and large stretches of once-barren land have been transformed into fields of table grapes, cotton, Lucerne, dates and tomatoes. If you want a bird's eye view of these well transformed places, why not join the professionals of Felix Unite? This awesome group of adventure providers operates river adventures along the Orange River. Qualified guides accompany you on each trip and prepare your five-star meals en route. Steve Wilkes and his wife Helen from England disembarked from a one-day canoe trip and described it as fabulous. "These guides had even qualified chefs. They last night (Monday, December 5) prepared specially cooked food such as bacon and egg, tender roast leg of lamb, as well as sweet honey with butternuts." Chef Joseph Njuguna and truck driver Charles Mutun both from Kenya said it is with great pride that they serve their guests throughout Africa wherever they may go during their tour. From a leisure paddle to exhilarating canoeing, Felix Unite caters for leisure and family groups, schools as well as corporate and conference groups. Director Carlos Peres said Felix Unite has 10 years' experience concentrating on adventure travel the world over. The cabanas at the site are each designed for privacy. With private dining areas, it offers fantastic views of the river whilst enjoying a five-star cuisine. The group offers varied outdoor accommodation options.
New Era Reporter
2005-12-19 00:00:00 13 years ago

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