• February 22nd, 2019
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Problem with Pick 'n Pay

Dear Editor THANK you for giving me space in your newspaper. I have a problem that has been coming a long way. As a family member of one of Pick 'n Pay (Wernhil Park)'s employees it has really shocked me to see things just changed in a short time due to supervisors and junior staff members having friction among each other. Pick 'n Pay has fantastic benefits for its employees whereby its staff are encouraged to purchase most of the goods from the store and at the same time they receive points that accumulate into 'cash-back'. Now this 'cash-back' benefits us as family members because this encourages us to shop at Pick 'n Pay. They (supervisors) stated that only people who live in the same house can buy on staff codes. And that is fine because I live in the same house. Few months back we were allowed to also buy on our family member's employee's code and it all went smooth until this day that I was informed that we as family cannot buy any more on that code, and from the different discussions with different staff members things such as the coloureds are the only ones who are frontline supervisors - when their people (family members) come they give each other the benefit of buying on their codes. While the junior staff should only look and shut their mouths. In general I am a loyal customer and by now most of your staff know me. Let me give one incident: A supervisor once just said ja that family member (FM) who buys a lot; but it is unfair to the rest of us not to benefit since FM is always in and out of the store. I find this a problem because of the love I have for the shop and its services, and also how unfortunate it is for the rest of staff. We are in the festive season whereby we will be spending and of course we would not want to spend it elsewhere than your store. If only you could explain it to your employees so that they can come back to us at home. Why have you decided upon this cause? I believe they are also puzzles. A circular would do. Please note that there is so much division among your staff and this division is caused by the way your supervisors treat the rest of the staff that they are supposed to have an eye on. The way they speak to them and when they ask a question to their colleagues, they draw their own conclusions thinking that this is a child they are talking to, though this person is their elder. It is really sad to see our number one supermarket has a very good image when you walk in but then if you hear the way the staff speak to one another it is a total shame. I am afraid to mention names ... because this might just have implications on my FM or I might just be intimidated. Disappointed FM
New Era Reporter
2005-12-19 00:00:00 13 years ago

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