• September 19th, 2018
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Nanso Disappointed with Grade 10s

By Emma Kakololo WINDHOEK NANSO has expressed disappointment with the poor Grade 10 results and called for the re-evaluation of the country's basic education system which receives the largest cut from government treasury. "Nanso cannot pride itself of a below 50 percent pass rate, unless the system has been designed deliberately to produce a mass exodus of unskilled young labour amounting to nothing less than exploitation in the end ... We cannot seriously speak of our economic recovery in Vision 2030 if our education system is not revolutionised to keep up with the trends of development." Reads yesterday's statement: "The issue of Grade 10 is an issue that needs serious attention. We therefore call upon the Ministry of Education to convene a National Consultative Conference on Education to seriously come up with solutions for Grade 10 and Grade 12's poor results," adding: "Education is a process and when learners are promoted to the next grade after failing a grade, this leads to the problem of more Grade 10's not being able to pass to grade 11." The organisation also urged teachers to prepare themselves everyday for the next day of class and make time for learners. "Teachers should work from 07h00 to 16h00, and not 07h00 to 14h00," it urged. Calling upon all stakeholders in the education sector to fight for the improvement of education in the country, Nanso said education empowers people, saves lives, reduces poverty and serves as the foundation for peace. Thus, the nation should treat it as a priority. "It is therefore important that we unite and stand together to solve the issues that are hampering the progress of education," reads the press statement. "The challenges of achieving education for all remain beyond the grasp of society particularly the rural areas. Inequalities continue to tarnish access to education. The issue of equal access to education is hampered by the payment of school fees. Many parents find it difficult to send their kids to school because of many factors but the main factor is finance." In this regard, Nanso called for enrolment of all children in primary education, accessibility of education to families in all corners of the country, support to children facing difficulties in finishing basic education and a conducive environment for learners to easily and freely pursue their education.
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