• September 26th, 2018
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Ghost Expelled from School

By Emma Kakololo WINDHOEK A PARANORMAL figure, a poltergeist, that seemingly continued to resurface at Mumbwenge Combined School, five kilometres from Oshigambo in the Ohangwena Region, tormenting learners, has been dealt with for good, at least for now. After a series of prayers from a man of God, Pastor Petrus George on November 29, 2005 and December 2, 2005, the satanic curse has disappeared suddenly allowing normality to return to Mumbwenge. The mysterious and extremely sinister figure, as described by learners, carried a garden fork and it was with this fork that it pressed them to the ground trying to tie them up to kill them. The ghost or 'shiluli' as baptised by the learners apparently emerged for the first time on July 8 last year, knowing no barriers. It continued to anguish learners from their homes to school. The school headmaster, Helena Makili, told this paper yesterday the envisioned figure was last seen on December 2, 2005 after she called in Pastor Petrus George on November 29 to pray for the learners who were collapsing at the school since July 2005. "When the Pastor arrived on November 29, community members also gathered at the school together with teachers and learners... Affected learners started to collapse. Once they became conscious, they started chasing people and biting them," she stated. She said that on that day one of the learners who was seriously affected by the 'shulilu' was crying unconsciously praying the Lord's Prayer and asking God to reveal the names and physical appearance of the people who sent the evil spirit to her. After a short time, she started mentioning the names, Makili said. According to the head teacher, she called out the name of a woman and her siblings who are learners at the school. Makili continued: "On the 2 December 2005, Pastor Petrus came to pray for the school the second time... Learners started to collapse while the Pastor continued praying asking the Lord Jesus to show His power." "God sent His power ... collapsed learners became alert and stood up." She said after the learners stood up, they started to move backward throwing sand towards the crowd. They then stopped and went directly to the siblings of a certain woman who was previously identified on 29 November 2005. She said: "They (identified learners) were chased out of the school. Eventually, Mr Ashipala, a teacher, and Mr Ntinda Epafras closed the gate to prevent affected learners from going out. The pastor prayed for the whole crowd before leaving." According to Makili, this was also the fall of the paranormal figure and its evil deeds.
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