• September 22nd, 2018
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Rejected Learners Back at School

By Emma Kakololo WINDHOEK ELLA du Plessis High School in Khomasdal has taken back the 17 Grade 10 learners the school turned away on Wednesday. The learners in question were suspended last year for alleged inappropriate behaviour and unbecoming conduct. The decision to expel the 17 learners was revoked after parents decided not to let go of the matter, accusing the school board of being more lenient to the teacher whose behaviour was allegedly more indecent compared to the learners'. It is alleged the teacher, who teaches accounting at the school, would tell learners that if they (learners) wanted to make love, they should just tell him so that he could give them a room as his house was near and they could go there to make love. The parents claimed that this behaviour was demoralising learners. The parents also said it was unfair for the school to turn away the Grade 9 G learners now that it transferred them to Grade 10 claiming that they did not perform. "I don't disagree that my child did not perform last year, but how could they if the teachers themselves did not perform. "Who would take the rubbish of Ella? Grade 10 is a difficult class, where will we find a school now. "They told us that they want to improve the passing rate of the school. Other schools also want good performers, now they want to send their learners there," an irate parent argued. "I'm glad the school reversed its decision," said a relieved parent. The headmaster at Ella du Plessis, Seth January, last Friday confirmed the decision to take back the 17 learners however but declined to comment further on the matter. The 17 learners from a class of 41 learners were suspended at the beginning of August last year for being unruly, not attending classes and disrespecting teachers. Initially, the school suspended the entire class and reversed its decision after the culprits were identified. The decision was revoked after the line ministry declared it out of line. Even the school board chairperson Lazarus Shatipamba did not agreeing principle with the suspension. He could not be reached for comment.
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