• September 20th, 2018
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Riruako Coming or Going?

By Emma Kakololo WINDHOEK Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako yesterday would neither deny nor confirm media reports that come March 3, 2006, he would become the Special Adviser to the Head of State. The Windhoek Observer newspaper reported last Saturday that Riruako's new proposed position was a result of a long-time courtship (initiated by Chief Riruako himself) that has finally matured. When approached for comment yesterday, Chief Riruako would neither confirm nor deny the allegation, stating: "Whatever was put in the newspapers did not come from me or Swapo, and I am not going to respond on newspaper rumours." The Chief further said the NUDO leadership was busy setting up a meeting on the matter and would soon issue a press statement. He further lashed at his former party, DTA for allegedly instigating the rumour: "I smell DTA propaganda. They had that newspaper on Saturday at the funeral of Hosea Kaaronda at Okakarara - this indicated who is the man behind this. The DTA said NUDO through me wants to give the bulk of its people away to Swapo. "I am an independent person and I am not going to hide my principles." He cited the appointments of Paul Smit and Otto Herrigel, who the Swapo Government appointed as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Minister of Finance despite their political affiliations. Herrigel is now a farmer. "They were not Swapo, but they were appointed in spite of their political affiliation. They were chosen on Swapo principles not because of their allegiance or political background," he stated. On the allegation that Swapo bought him a house, he retorted: "No, the house is mine at Du Toit no 7. That house is mine. I did not ask any cent from Swapo to buy the house."
2006-01-31 00:00:00 12 years ago
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