• September 24th, 2018
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Students' Transport Problems Soon Over - Nujoma

By Engel Nawatiseb TSUMEB Swapo President Sam Nujoma has expressed concern about the continued reports of corrupt practices and dishonesty relating to misappropriation of public funds and state resources. Nujoma said that the Swapo Party constitution and its political programme condemn corruption and self-enrichment. Therefore, people that are involved in such practices are not worth the membership of the ruling party. "We must therefore all support Comrade President Pohamba's resolve that the year 2006 must be the year of hard work and that we must all fight against corruption and ensure that all government development programmes are implemented timeously." Nujoma made the remarks when he addressed Tsumeb residents at the town recently. He also promised that the hundreds of learners annually returning to schools from the far northern regions after the festive holidays would no longer have to brave the long queues in search of transport after the timely completion of the Tsumeb/Ondangwa railway extension project in August this year. The founding president and head of the ruling Swapo Party, Nujoma said transport problems haunting students would become a thing of the past as learners would have the opportunity to board trains from Ondangwa and Oshikango. Nujoma said that it was disheartening to witness the delay in academic work as a direct result of students being unable to return to school in time because of shortages of transport from especially destinations in the north. "You will be allowed to book your tickets well in advance to secure places on the coaches. We will ensure that the project is completed as scheduled," said Nujoma. Nujoma encouraged all stakeholders to render maximum support to the Head of State, Hifikepunye Pohamba, to realize the timely completion of the remaining stretch of the railway extension project by becoming physically involved to accelerate the process. The rail laying process has currently reached a 30-kilometer mark north of Ondangwa while the station has already been set up at the town. "The construction of the railway demonstrated that we can achieve all our development goals when we mobilize all our citizens to actively participate in our nation-building efforts. During this project, our people demonstrated through hard work their commitment to the development and transformation of our society, in line with our national development plans and programmes, such as the Second National Development Plan (NDP2) and Vision 2030. I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate all Namibians, including the residents of the Oshikoto Region, for volunteering to work on the railway project." Nujoma promised to return to the railway site after two months to further invest his labour and assistance in the project. "Now that the railway project is nearing completion, we should focus our energies on other projects that are being initiated by our Government in various parts of the country." He singled out the extension of the Trans-Caprivi Highway through Nkuren-kuru-Okongo-Eenhana-Olu-no through Omafo-Ongenga-Okalongo-Outapi-Tsandi-Okahao-Omakange-Opuwo to Cape Fria on the country's western coast where the new harbour would be built. Nujoma stressed that concerted efforts should also be made to expand access by citizens to basic services and public amenities such as potable water, electricity and quality health care, especially in the rural areas. "I wish to reiterate the Head of State and Vice-President of Swapo Party's New Year message that this year must be a year of dedication and commitment towards the effective delivery of quality public services to all our citizens. I am convinced that we can overcome all the challenges when we act in unity of purpose and action."
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