• September 20th, 2018
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Second music awards Coming

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK "Real Music, Real Entertainment, I love it." This is the slogan for the first presentation of the Namibia Music Awards, which is to be staged on May 06 in the North at Ongwediva. This was announced yesterday during a press briefing by the Deputy minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, Pohamba Shifeta. This is the first major national music event that focuses on the promotion of Namibian music in 29 categories. "The Namibian Music Awards recognizes every creative musician from the age of 16 years and older to be nominated. It provides a platform for Namibian musicians to perform, entertain and to boost their careers. Namibians can ready themselves for a musical explosion next to nothing," Shifeta told the media. He also explained that the event is aimed at contributing towards the social upliftment and economy of the country. "The Namibia Music Awards can definitely help to improve the living standards of the country's youth and it can help curb crime, HIV/AIDS and other destructive societal forces. My ministry does its level best to create a conducive environment for Namibian artists to operate in, in order for them to play a meaningful role in society," Shifeta, who thanked the sponsors for their contributions towards the event, said. "We encourage Namibian musicians and artists in general to dig deeper into the roots and gather Namibia's true and real rhythms that identify us as a nation and a country. At the same time it also enables us to preserve our culture and national heritage for generations to come," he said. The organiser of the Namibia Music Awards, Namvula Ankama, confirmed to the press that she had been in contact with the national broadcaster for possible screening of the event. "However, our proposal was declined apparently due to the NBC's commitment to a similar music competition that was staged in November last year. We are happy to inform the public that Channel O has shown interest in our project and will screen it to the rest of Africa. It boils down to the fact that our gain is the NBC's loss," Ankama said. Shifeta indicated that he would take up the NBC matter as one of national importance in view of the fact that a local production of this magnitude should not be ignored for the good and benefit of the country.
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