• September 19th, 2018
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Wants President's Direct Help

Your Excellency the President, I am writing to inform you about the problem which is in the Medical Store Oshakati to find out if you can help your nation as you are the only hope. I am a community member who have my friend working in the Medical Store Oshakati. This man was diagnosed with TB several weeks ago. I have followed the matter and I came to learn that this TB was caused by the cement dust which is in the medical store. I came also to learn that he is now the second person to be diagnosed as the first person who was also found in ill health due to this cement dust is now working for Onandjokwe Hospital. By furthering my examination, I came to learn that there is really a very big problem in this department and staff members have tried their best to request the dust problem to be solved with their regional director but he didn't do anything. The Hon. Minister is always in Oshakati but he doesn't look at this problem. Now, I would like to call upon you, Your Excellency, as I know you are committed towards encouraging quality of service delivery to help our nation, to get the hygienic treatment and help our brothers and sisters who are currently working in this dangerous environment. They will get sick due to this problem and where are they going to get money from to go for treatment? As they are just selling their lives for the salaries they are getting. Please don't send the Hon. Minister because he is always here but he doesn't do anything because even the hospital where he used to be is renovated in a poor manner and the director here was requested to intervene and but he didn't do anything. If there are those who are going to challenge me that I am lying, the Public Eye of NBC and other media should just go and find out for themselves at the Oshakati Medical Store. Our health inspectors, labour inspectors here and trade unions should pull up their socks because they are not doing anything - they should go and see their workers as they are being killed by the dust which is going into their lungs. Ndamona Shikongo Oshakati
2006-02-27 00:00:00 12 years ago
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