• September 20th, 2018
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Probe into Cyanide Continues

By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK Intense police investigations into what is considered a highly serious case of toxic substances discovered at the town of Uis recently are still ongoing. The police in the Erongo Region have been conducting their investigations since New Era broke the news of the poisonous chemicals that allegedly went missing on February 8. Walvis Bay based Detective Chief Inspector Sydney Philander told New Era in a recent interview that this was the first time that the police force in the region had to deal with a serious case of this nature, hence they are seeking the relevant legislation before pressing charges against any suspect(s). The chief inspector noted that two weeks ago, they called in Frans Madl, the owner of the ransacked Sunrise Club in Uis for questioning with regard to the incident. "We have so far taken statements from Frans Madl and his fiancÃÆ'Æ'Æ'ÃÆ''šÃ‚©e Fransiska !Gaoses to tell us more about the case of housebreaking," said Chief Inspector Philander, adding that questions revolved around how the owner of the Sunrise Club acquired such large amounts of poisonous chemicals and why it was stored in a safe in the same building without a license. Having opened a case of housebreaking with regard to the alleged theft of cyanide from a trunk in the safe kept in Sunrise Club, the police are however still waiting for the latest report from forensic experts completed two weeks ago. Earlier this month, forensic experts accompanied by the Namibian police force searched the area for the cyanide - a highly dangerous chemical that can kill instantly. The chemical posed a threat to the entire Uis. Head of Forensics in Windhoek Dr Paul Ludick informed New Era at the time that all the cyanide components that were inside and outside the Sunrise Club were recovered. "We have cleared the area of all the toxic substances which is less than 10 kilogrammes. All that remains now are the police investigations," said Dr Ludick then. Police units were sent to Uis to attend to the case after the owner of the Club Madl reported the chemicals stolen. The investigation resulted in the discovery of between seven and 10 kg of calcium cyanide and ferri cyanide. The chemicals were removed from the building and were found scattered and burnt at the back of the building. In the meantime, police investigations continue for clues on housebreaking, while suspects have been arrested. Chief Inspector Philander said that this is not an everyday case and requires thorough groundwork and investigation before any charges and arrests can be made. He said it would be premature to reveal further information while investigations are continuing.
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