• September 24th, 2018
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Faizel Makes Music for Women

By Petronella Sibeene WINDHOEK After 10 months of silence, "Moto" commonly known as "Faizel MC" has resurfaced on the stage, still hot and simply irresistible. It has been a silent period for most of his fans, but for the solo artist, there could be no better time than this to create a surprise for his groupies. Since his visit to Germany last November, Faizel says he grasped different ideas from other artists and has been caught up in creating an album that would be released on March 30. The CD contains 15 tracks of Afro-pop, which is a mixture of kwaito, pop, house music and mostly kwasa kwasa. Artists featured on this CD are the sexy duo Gal Level, Sunny Boy Shipolopolo, YBG, and the Rhapsody. "This is a beautiful album, just like the last one. Actually, there is no room for disappointment," strongly assured the young vocalist. The album "Moto", a Kiswahili word for fire, consists of hit songs such as "Kamata", "The children song", "Woman don't cry", and "Love you all". The album mainly tells of a story of women and children and portrays how society attends to their needs. "The songs advise society on how to take care of abused women and children. The album encourages women to be much stronger, assuring them that the sun will shine tomorrow," Faizel MC said. The CD is a "must have" for all social groups. About 2 000 copies have been printed for sale for a much cheaper price than the album that was released last year. On this album, he worked with producers such as Elvo and Ogopa and with female vocalists Gal level, Kalaharians and Angels. According to Faizel MC, this would be the only album for this year but in the meantime: "I will do a personal album not for sale but for my friends and family. Music is my love", he concluded excitedly.
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