• September 21st, 2018
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North Wants More Fisheries Control

By William J. Mbangula OSHAKATI A request was submitted to the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to increase the number of fisheries inspectors in order to cover and control the northern region properly. The Chief Regional Officer in the Oshana Regional Council, John Kandombo, made the call during an information-sharing meeting with fisheries officials in Oshakati yesterday. "I wish to request the ministry to appoint even seasonal or casual inspectors to help out during the time when fisheries control is more necessary. This area is too vast to be covered by one person only," said Kandombo. He also urged the line ministry to ensure that all relevant information is communicated to the many branches of the Government and other influential institutions as part of the awareness campaign. The ministry has only one inspector who is covering from Ohangwena Region to the Kunene Region. The meeting, attended by the regional and local councillors, traditional leaders, heads of department of various government institutions and NGOs was convened to educate influential leaders and ordinary people about the need to preserve fisheries and marine resources as per requirements of the law. Led by the Director of Fisheries Operations, Peter Amutenya, the delegation from the ministry included Pandu Elago, senior biologist at Omahenene Aquaculture Training Institute; Thomas Gideon, the Walvis Bay-based chief marine inspector; Dr Clinton Hay, a biologist from the Hardap Fisheries Institute; and the local and only inspector, Ferdinand Peya. Amutenya told the meeting that the group has set a vigorous educational campaign in motion to meet various regional councils, traditional leaders and other essential stakeholders in order to ensure that they adhere to the Inland Fisheries Act. "We do not want to start acting without educating the people about the requirements of the law, hence our campaign to meet most relevant stakeholders in this matter, "he said. - Meanwhile a man, 23, arrested with N$21 000.00 fake Namibian currency in December last year, has pleaded guilty in the Outapi Magistrate's Court. The accused, Petrus Tobias from Ogongo village in Omusati Region, appeared before magistrate Lena Iyambo yesterday facing charges of dealing in fake money, which resulted in his arrest on 24 December last year. When he was arrested at his home village, Tobias was trying to buy liquor with a fake N$200.00 note. He first appeared in court on 27 December 2005. According to the information given, he got the fake money from Oshikango. His case was postponed to October 11 this year for trial. Prosecutor Tatelo Lusepani appeared for the State.
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