• September 20th, 2018
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NUNW Awaits Nominations

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) and the Namibia National Teachers Union (NANTU) remain the only two affiliates of the National Union of the Namibian Workers (NUNW) that have not submitted their nominations for the upcoming 4th NUNW National Congress. The deadline for submissions was set for last week Friday but the NUNW Acting Secretary General Evilastus Kaaronda said he has not received any nominations from the two affiliates. Kaaronda has indicated that he is hopeful that he will receive the nominations soon. He however noted that NANTU requested an extension to the April 7 deadline at an earlier Central Committee Meeting. April 7 was incidentally the day on which the High Court verdict of Peter Naholo challenging his sacking as NUNW Secretary General was to be delivered. Nantu is believed to be strongly supporting Naholo and have nominated the suspended senior official for the position and wanted to wait for his reinstatement. However, now that Naholo has been suspended and may in all likelihood not attend the congress, the teachers' union insiders say they have decided to make a nomination from the floor at the congress. However, such a nomination in terms of the congress standing rules must be backed by a two-thirds majority of congress delegates before contesting for any leadership position. The president of the MUN Andries Eiseb told New Era yesterday that his union has completed its nominations and is surprised the general secretary of the MUN Bro Hengari has not submitted the names to the office of secretary general of NUNW. The mineworkers were split last week on whom they should nominate for president and some members gave their backing to the current NUNW First Vice President Alpheus Muheua, while others supported Connie Pandeni. Further MUN is believed to be disagreeing on whom to push for the position of secretary general as some support Kaaronda while others support Naholo. Both Muheua and Naholo were groomed in the MUN and later occupied leadership positions within the union and are believed to command support from within the ranks of their former industrial union. Meanwhile, the feud between NUNW and Naholo continues. Naholo's attorney Unanisa Hengari yesterday received a response from the lawyers of the NUNW after he objected to the suspension of Naholo in writing. Hengari told New Era yesterday that he is busy preparing another letter to NUNW lawyers.
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