• September 26th, 2018
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Some Still Want to Get Nujoma

Please allow me space in your paper to air my views on the never-ending campaign/onslaught spearheaded by, inter alia, the editor of the daily English paper, the editor-in-chief of the English weekly paper, plus two controversial characters - a regular caller in the Oshiwambo Ewi lya manguluka and the English morning and evening chat shows, originally from Omuntele/Onankali/Onyaanya area, who presents himself to be an authority on the Namibian constitution and who never fails to attack the ruling party president and always calling the ruling party president to resign from politics since he retired as Head of State; and his friend, a regular caller in both the English and Oshiwambo chat shows who has been calling for the stepping down of the ruling party president from the party presidency, also originally from Onyaanya area. All these four characters are out fuming and in full force unleashing attacks on both the ruling party, its leadership and especially on its revolutionary and time tested great leader, the party president Nujoma. But knowingly or through ignorance, these characters together with their backers should know that they are fighting a fighter. The man is as hard as a rock, has come a long way and has weathered stronger storms than these opportunistic ones and they must not forget that that man has followers who cannot sit back and watch how their leader is being insulted. The political education of the people is a goods weapon in order for them to differentiate between what is creative and what is misleading and to understand how political games are played since some people lack the knowledge. People seem to swallow everything some of the editors are writing without analyzing or reading between the lines. The short history on Nami-bian independence has taught us a lot, especially on the agendas of some editors. It is my belief that not everybody is happy that independence was achieved and some compatriots never dreamed of being led by Nujoma, "the terrorist" or being happy under his rule. So, some people still have an unfinished political business with him. This reminds us of what we are always reminded especially by him, Nujoma, to be vigilant. The most dangerous thing in politics is the opening up of the ranks in the parties or trade unions since this is a fertile ground for the enemy to penetrate, cause confusion, divide and finally destroy. Is seems to be correct that for some people, prevailing peace seems to be boring and as result they choose to openly provoke, in this case, the ruling party or its president - not only that, but trying everything in their power to push them to their limit (the limit of their patience). I believe that peace is a precious thing and should not be disturbed at all since its absence would cause an unspeakable suffering as all hell would break loose and everyone including agent provocateurs would burn. Just like the Devil trying to sweet-talk the son of man to jump from the top of the hill, the same goes to the ruling party outsiders, in this case sworn enemies, advising the party members to dump their party president. To me this is a wild goose chase by these "advisors". Why calling for the stepping down of the leader by these outside characters? Is it not worthy for them concentrate on their own parties and presidents? Why calling for the ruling party leader to retire from politics? What right do these characters have to make such calls? This is confusion of the highest order. The ruling party president was elected by the ruling party members, according to the ruling party constitution to run the affairs of the party of which these characters are not part. Therefore, hands off the great leader. And for those who claim to "Tell it like it is" who claim that some Party Elders' Council members went to ask for Nujoma to step down, please come out and "tell us like it is" who these people are. And for the controversial character who never fails to attack the ruling leader with a fire-spitting forked tongue who always comes on the chat show radio programmes lecturing on the Namibian constitution, it is a good thing that he respects the constitution. Thank God, the majority of the drafters of the very constitution are the ruling party members under the wise and dynamic leadership of the Father of the Nation, most of whom are still in Parliament. It should be noted that politics is a never-ending war and it is an ongoing struggle to be pursued with vigour and skill. And for the citizens who have joined the team of those who always call for the truth to be told, like what Pilate wanted to know, what is truth? Ndhinomwaami
2006-04-21 00:00:00 12 years ago
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