• September 19th, 2018
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Wants Answers from Usakos Mayor

Please allow me space in your most readable newspaper. I am one of the concerned members of the Usakos community and want answers on the below-mentioned questions from the Mayor of Usakos: Before His Worship, the Mayor of Usakos was elected in his position he was the leader of the so-called concerned group which was against corruption and mismanagement of public resources, especially in the Usakos Municipality. You were so concerned and made allegations that the government is not doing anything for the development of Usakos. Now after the elections which put you in the same office of the Mayor of Usakos, the government pumped in an amount of N$ 500 000,00 to Usakos Municipality for the upgrading of the informal settlements, what happened to that money? Is it true that you used up that money on your travelling expenses? Before you were in that office, when you and I were both on the street, you are believed and many others to have supported your party CoD but the recent behaviour of yours is undoubtedly so arrogant, e.g. You the Mayor read the President's independence speech while you were ......... and sometimes take your mayoral chain to clubs, can you explain such behaviour? You made allegations about your cell-phone which got missing from your office and the council bought you a new one with our money. Where's that cell-phone now? You claim S&T and allowances on most occasions that you are travelling to towns to attend some meetings but you are never seen at those meetings.Your Party CoD has supported wholeheartedly the idea of establishing the Anti-Corruption Commission and you claim that you are an anti-corruption man but how come that you are a .......... of corruption now, Can you please explain your Worship, to us now? What do you say about the recent demonstration of the concerned community on the 6 April 2006 and you were furnished with the petition, how come that you cannot explain to the community now if you are innocent? We are expecting a speedy response from your office on that petition and the report of the auditors. With a leader like you I believe that your party is going to lose most of its supporters and I am assuring you that we are not going to support leaders like you again in the future. When I and you were in the same concerned group, you know it so well that we used the Hakhaseb community hall to have public meetings but why are you refusing the concerned group to have the community meetings in the same hall? Please explain? There is no council's decision on certain matters going on at the municipality since August 2005, one of them being the sale of the erf to McDonald. There are people who are temporarily employed at the Usakos Municipality without any council decision, is that not corruption? Is it not also corruption if the Mayor takes the municipality cars and drives in the night even at places outside Usakos without the approval of the council? We want the Anti-corruption Commission to come and launch the investigation about all these points that I just raised in this letter because these are public matters we are talking about I hope I will have a favourable and positive feedback from His Worship. Concerned Group Supporter - Usakos
2006-05-12 00:00:00 12 years ago
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