• September 19th, 2018
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Kandetu Frontrunner for NBC Post?

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK The chairman of the board of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) yesterday emphatically denied a recent speculative newspaper article that said Bob Vezera Kandetu had been appointed new Director-General of the NBC and would start on August 1. NBC board chairman, Ponhele ya France, telephonically informed this newspaper that to the best of his knowledge, the board had not yet appointed anyone from the more than 20 applications received for the top position. "Bob Kandetu had most definitely not been appointed by my board, is what I can tell you officially," said Ponhele ya France on his mobile phone. Asked why the process of appointing someone to replace Gerry Munyama was taking so long, he responded: "I am presently using all necessary powers as chairman of the board to speed up the process in appointing a new Director-General, a post that was already advertised early this year. In fact, I am a very worried and concerned person right now because nobody has been appointed so far." The post became vacant after Munyama who faces charges of fraud and theft was forced to resign last year. He is still due to appear in court. The Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Stanley Simataa, has been the caretaker Director-General of the NBC. He was also among those applicants believed to have been short-listed for the post. "We have not short-listed anyone, yet," said Ya France rather agitatedly. "There is also presently no NBC board meeting scheduled for this month, but we could meet for an emergency session, should it be necessary," the former trade unionist said. Unofficial reports say the board's preference of Bob Kandetu to take over the position has caused a "split" in Cabinet. Last week, Cabinet was embroiled in two marathon sessions to discuss Kandetu's appointment, according to reports.
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