• September 26th, 2018
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Anna's the New Miss Namibia!

By Fifi Rhodes WINDHOEK The race to find Namibia's most beautiful girl ended on a high note at the Windhoek Country Club on Saturday when Anna Nashandi swept the most sought after title of Miss Namibia 2006. "I am a very proud mother. She has lots of potential and this is just one of her many prizes to put on her list of achievements. I don't know if I will be able to drive my car home tonight because of all the excitement," Monica Nashandi, mother of the new Miss Namibia said after the crowning as she congratulated her daughter. "I was very positive," said Anna as she wept tears of joy. Laurencia Endjala was crowned the First Princess with Rebeka Munana Second Princess. Defney Shabalala, who was everybody's favourite, laughed herself out of the competition after the judges had numerous headaches in finding the right ambassador. She had all the best answers but laughed so much that she failed to convince the judges to give full scores in her favour. The most difficult question put to her was for her to define women in one sentence. Her response in seconds set the place alive with "Hoo hoos" and "Yes-yes" as she gave the best answer according to the live audience and television viewers at home. She however got praise in her purse as she was chosen among the finalists as Miss Personality, while Lizane van Wyk was chosen Miss Photogenic. When the time came for the crowning of Miss Namibia 2006, Leefa Shiikwa was not present to hand over the crown to the new queen. It had to be handed over by well-known makeup artist and stylist Gillian Lentin. The occasion, one of the premier events on the social calendar, was packed with enthusiasts putting on the best of their winter wear. The two presenters, Barbara Kahatjipara and South African radio DJ and television presenter Saami Sabati wasted no time to introduce the girls with truly gorgeous outfits designed by Melanie Harteveld Becker that served as a front act to the main event. Becker has always showed creativeness and humour in her designs that made her a household name at pageants throughout the years. The contestants and their outfits showed a fair mix of style as well as affordable high street fashion. One Africa Television had the best side of the event as they telecast a live broadcast to thousands of their clients and giving NBC viewers the chance to experience the event in front of their television sets at home. Various artists like South African Gift Gwe and countryman Toro Mishosho entertained the house while Namibian entertainers Lydia and Catty-Catt gave a good account of themselves.
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