• September 19th, 2018
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What's Up at Soccer House?

Carlos Kambaekwa Can somebody in the name of the Almighty please come to the show and put a stop to the ongoing Mickey Mouse administration at "Soccer House" ? The Namibian Football Association's hardcore refusal to schedule an Extra-Ordinary Congress, following an urgent request by its subjects, goes beyond all form of logic to say the least. Twelve regions requested for an audience with the makeshift Executive and rightly so, following an assortment of developments at the troubled organization, including the sudden but inevitable departure of the Iron Duke Judge-President Petrus Damaseb, but the request was summarily dismissed on the grounds that the said members had defaulted on their membership fees. Article 28 of the NFA Statutes, which deals with this particular issue, clearly stipulate that; the Executive shall convene an Extra-Ordinary Congress if a quarter of the Members of the NFA make such a request in writing and the request must specify the items for the agenda. If an Extra-Ordinary Congress is not convened, the Members who requested it may convene the Congress themselves, and as last resort, the Members may request assistance from the world's football governing body, FIFA. As it stands, the NFA leadership claims the regions including the Namib Pre-miership are not in good standing with the mother-body, following their unexplained failure to cough up the annual subscription fee, which was due on the 31st of March 2006. In hindsight, the NFA's refusal to recognize its subjects would technically nullify all league activities after the said date, which leads every logical thinking outie to conclude that no teams can be relegated or promoted under the current mess. I've said it before and I'm going to repeat it again for the umpteenth time - many sport administrators are not very keen on paging through their own statutes and have constantly proved to be very sharp in flexing their muscles whenever they found themselves caged in tricky situations. Honestly speaking, I'm not a great believer in the multiplication of entities beyond necessity, but I'm somehow convinced there is an urgent call for the advancement of a detailed explanation on the current shenanigans within our football structures. For the NFA Executive to deny bona fide Members their constitutional right to request for an Extra-Ordinary Congress demonstrates a clear sense of short-sightedness and far-fetched arrogance in genuine terms. The constitution does not render Members irrelevant because of outstanding subs, if Members are considered not to be in good standing with the Association, they are under universally practiced norms still allowed to participate in deliberations, but would be exempted from voting. The implication is that the NFA Executive has been illegally leading an Organization for the past two months without the mandate from its Members, while its primary togetherness resulted from the existence of the very same regions whom they are now cold shouldering. On a rather sad parting shot, am I hearing somebody crying foul over alleged practices of tribalism at "Soccer House" ? Ja, what is new; when Eric Hansen was mysteriously brought into the structures of football to lead the forever bungling NFA Organizing Committee, nobody raised a finger and when the Orga-nization's longest slaving servant Barry Rukoro, was heavily brought down to earth for having crossed the path of his masters - no words of tribalism were uttered. Salomo Naukushu was unconstitutionally drafted into the setup under a cloud but soon rose to the rank and file of the Organization where he proved to be a very competent Administrator, but the poor fellow fell foul of football politics and was frozen, with no formal charges of misconduct formulated against him. Yours truly have serious doubts over the real identity of the author of the yellow-belly letter published in the Afrikaans daily earlier this week. Before I sign off, I would like to take this opportunity to wish both Orlando Pirates and SKW good luck ahead of tomorrow's eagerly awaited clash, when the two teams trot onto the Independence Stadium to invigorate some old recollections as both teams seek to stake a claim on the country's most sought-after silverware (the MTC NFA Cup) - so let the principle of FAIR PLAY prevail. Until next Friday, it's jibbos to call it quits for the time being.
2006-06-02 00:00:00 12 years ago
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