• December 12th, 2018
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20 Signs That You Are in Namibia

EEWA Sometimes I found huge fascination and contrast with this country - apart from possessing such rich and diverse cultures - it still contains a few truly Namibian hallmarks, found only in this vast land. Should you encounter them, then just remember you are indeed in one of the most fascinating countries on earth. I surely do hope you concur with me. There are more Toyota and Isuzu Double Cab Bakkies, than the population itself. Almost, all Namibians are conversant in four languages, English, Afrikaans, Namlish and anything Bantu- or Khoi-related. There actually once existed a company called Ramatex, and its annual salary increase amounted to five cents for its loyal workforce of six thousand workers. Electricity tariffs were never increased in the last ten years apparently, so now is the appropriate time to do so. Legal shebeens, Unlicensed shebeens, "Shebeens that" and shebeens owned by fat cats (I meant to say Top Cats in the Public Services). The Namibia Football Association (No forward aims) and a national team coached by an invincible coach for most parts of the playing seasons, and now a football-less coup, Damaras versus The People and John Muinjo People actually suffers from a illness called Gout, the spelling might not even be correct because this illness is unique to Namibia, so it's nowhere recorded in medical terminology. Speaking of illness, a near catastrophe was nothing less than a scary bug of polio. Sad reality, if you are poor, you are basically set for life - if you are rich, chances are that you will be filthy richer. This is unfortunately a sad, true reality. Plenty of rain as well as sunshine, the best so far. A security company that almost owned a national asset in the name of a former high-ranking statesman Almost forget Brangelina; can't believe they actually named the baby Shiloh Nouvel: well, is it you or me, but it looks more like "Shilongo Nowele" source: "Namlish Contempolary Concise Diktionaly" Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), apparently "Nothing but *^%#&". I heard that one from the streets, it's got nothing do to with me, but I sure am glad as from today they will screen World Cup matches. Devoted Born Again Christianity, provided you have enough faith, and few debts at furniture shops, micro lenders and relatives. Founding Father of the Namibian Nation and the ever-disciplining finger, whenever he gets a chance and we kind of missed that a lot. Mushrooming Little China Towns with Chinese mayors in places such as Aranos, On-geenga, Tses, KoÃÆ'Æ'Æ'ÃÆ''šÃ‚«s and Opu-wo. Hooray! True globalisation. Existing non-opposing opposition parties, called opposition parties - does it make sense? Unique to the following acronym (BBB) brewed beer, braaiwors and braaivleis, a national pastime enacted in the supreme law of the country. Fuel hikes three times a year, every year, no matter plenty or less, war in the Middle East or none - it is their right. However, if one thing truly stands out in this country, it is its people, their openness, friendly smile and I would not change it for anything else. Eewa.
New Era Reporter
2006-06-09 00:00:00 12 years ago

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