• September 19th, 2018
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The Power of Patience

EEWA! How patient are you? Now that's a question many of you may answer differently. But as far as I am concerned, I'm a relatively patient person. Like they say, good things come to those who wait. Yet, patience is not a popular subject in our 'I-want-it-now-society'. Whether you are standing in a queue to get a new passport or waiting for the kettle to boil quickly for a hot cup of coffee or tea, many of us are unable to wait that extra second for what we want. Furthermore, most people lack patience because they think, "I might not get it" or "it might take too long." However, in my opinion, patience is a virtue and whenever you are impatient, just take a deep breath, count to ten and take it easy, because - like I said - good things come to those who wait for them. I have learnt that one tends to get more satisfaction through this humble approach, and although it might seem that it does not make sense - especially at a time when you are in a hurry - it just gives you that anchor on which you can rely that everything will be okay at the end of the day. I think that is the power of patience. Like myself, some people are patient by nature and can handle almost anything with patience that comes their way. I know what you might be thinking; that this makes one look weak and without any willpower - but that is not always the case. Nowadays, as friendly and peace-loving people, Namibians have to some extent accepted the 'long queue syndrome' that has become so common - especially at the end of the month. Although tempers may flare up in frustration on that day, the long queues remain and all you can do is take it one day at a time to control your impatience. Look at our brave sons and daughters who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Namibia despite the bitterness and strife they suffered. Their endurance and patience led them to achieve the goal they wanted at the end of the day - freedom. So, in order to have patience, one must practise it in everyday life. Patience takes practice. I remember there was a time I really wanted to study abroad and that opportunity did not come easily as I had to work for close to 10 years to save up for it. That took patience and the reward was that it finally became a reality at a time I least expected it. Truly, patience is one of the major ingredients that lead to consistent success and happiness. So, don't get stressed too much by getting yourself all hyped up about the long wait in the queue. Think practically and do something that can make the time pass faster; like reading a magazine or listening to your Walkman for instance. Or starting a friendly discussion with someone behind you is another interesting option. I believe that one needs to develop patience if you are ever going to be successful in dealing with life's problems. There is a saying that 'Rome was not built in day' and when we wait and hope for something like a dream, the triumph when we succeed is so much sweeter and lasts longer. In a nutshell, patience is meant to help us grow, to help us develop compassion and empathy, and, most importantly, make us strong. So, the next time you get that irritating itch of impatience, just take a deep breath, count to 10, and say these three words: "Easy Does It." Eewa!
2006-06-16 00:00:00 12 years ago
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