• September 23rd, 2018
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CityPol Prepare for Traffic Duties

By Lesley-Anne van Wyk WINDHOEK Taxis should no longer be allowed the impertinence of causing rampant chaos in Windhoek's streets in light of this week's first intake of members of the City Police to be trained as traffic officers at the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College. This follows the second intake for the City Police Service Basic Training Course officially launched in Windhoek at the start of June. Chief Inspector Junius Shoopala reminded the 28 course participants that "you are not here for your own sake only, but also for the City Police and the residents of this city". He reminded the officers: "Training is of vital importance to the success of any organization and the City Police is no exception." Inspector Gwendoline Steenkamp told New Era that the college is offering a 12-week course that is aimed at equipping participants with the necessary training in basic traffic laws. The course will prepare the participants as future traffic officers in terms of the Road Traffic and Transport Act No. 22 of 1999 and the Road Traffic and Transport regulations of 2001. Since the establishment of the City Police under the Namibian Police Act (Act 19 of 1990, Section 43.2) on November 18, 2004, the force has made great strides in curbing crime and in traffic control in the city. Its vision is to carry out policing and serve as an emergency service provider for the safety and quality of life of all Windhoek residents. The training programme for the traffic officers consists of lectures, practical exercises, tests and group discussions. These will result in the participants having to write numerous class tests, three examinations and a final test, all of which must be completed with a 70% average. Shoopala urged the participants: "Be very serious in your studying of this very important course, in order to gain the skills and knowledge that would be very important to you." At the same occasion, Deputy Chief of the City Police, Nathaniel Nendongo, reminded the officers present of their responsibilities. He said " a high degree of discipline is required for the successful completion of this course. "All are expected to participate and excel and those who waste time will be dealt with severely." He thanked the college for offering the facilities and opening its doors for the course. A total of 148 constables for the City Police completed their basic training at the Police College in September last year and have been deployed around the city.
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