• September 26th, 2018
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Namibian Mission Unaffected by SA Crime

By Lesley-Anne van Wyk WINDHOEK The increase in crime in South Africa is believed to be making diplomatic missions in that country jittery. Last week, there were reports of burglary and thefts at foreign missions based in South Africa. One such incident led to the wife of a high commissioner being held at gunpoint as she stepped out of her bathroom. The house had been broken into and the burglars took money and a cell phone. The embassy could not be named. Police are still investigating the case. Certain embassies have petitioned the South African government in an attempt to draw its attention to the problem. Namibia is not part of the petition. The Namibian High Commission, situated in the busy Church Street in Pretoria, has not seen an increase in crime. None of its employees have been targeted by thieves or robbers. High Commissioner Wildard Hellao told New Era, "There have been no incidents of criminal activity acted against me or any member of my staff." He said there were no problems with the security at the embassy, adding that "the recent security guard strike did not affect us in a serious way because the management of the engaged private security guard company was very cooperative with us". The High Commission employs eight Namibians and South Africans. So far, they have only told Hellao about petty crimes committed against them and none during the latest increase in incidents of crime in that country.
2006-07-06 00:00:00 12 years ago
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