• September 25th, 2018
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Watch Out for Rizzy's Debut

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK A debut album by Namibian Hip Hop artist, Rizzy, is soon to be hitting the local music market, it was announced in a press release by Business Line Entertainment, trading as Kazzy-E. The album, titled Efimbo Olafika, features Rizzy's hit numbers such as Gangster Girl and Summer Time. "Rizzy has been working hard for the past five months, backed by some of the hottest Namibian music producers such as MK and JK of Black Poetry; Stalin of RV, K-Boz, Jerome of J. Productions and myself," said Krazzy-E in the media release. It went on to say that Rizzy has managed to obtain some musical features from other Hip Hop and R&B artists such as Jossy Joss, Arthur, Destiny, ROG, Climax, Lady May, Don G and stable mates Miss Thang and Mufaro. "Due to the high public demand Rizzy is releasing his first single from the album titled Up in the Club, produced by Stalin. Miss Thang is also featured on the album, consisting of 14 tracks, which were recorded and mastered at Krazzy-E studios by Mufaro Neson-gano," Krazzy-E said. He also intimated that female music lovers will be taken in by other musical features of Arthur now in the pipeline.
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