• September 24th, 2018
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Student Scoops Beauty Pageant

By Michael Liswaniso OPUWO The sole senior secondary school in Kunene, Mureti Senior Secondary School over the weekend hosted the ever first Miss Mureti Beauty Pageant. The pageant concluded on Saturday. The beauty pageant saw 16-year-old Ailla Tjitolopa scooping the school's beauty title. "This was my second time to take part in a beauty pageant. Last year I was crowned first princess for the Miss New Comer Pageant. I am just happy to be crowned Miss Mureti today," said Mureti shortly after she was crowned. Fourteen-year-old Elsibe Wustrow scooped the First Princess title while sixteen-year-old Costa Tuamunouye was Second Princess. The Miss Personality title went to thirteen-year-old Telefina Nandinotja and seventeen-year-old Lopez Kazera landed the Miss Photogenic title. Despite the fact that no official sponsorship was available from local businesses, members of the Learners' Representative Council (LRC) and the school's football team ensured the event was held and organised successfully. The football team joined the LRC in an effort to fundraise for their upcoming trip to Oshakati for the Coca Cola Youth Cup Games planned for this weekend. Prizes for the learners who scooped titles that day were small gifts in the form of cosmetics. As is tradition the newly crowned Miss Mureti will coordinate school activities with other fellow LRC members from now until such a time that her reign ends next year. "Because this was the first time that we held this event, there were no bigger prizes but at least the small gifts that were presented to all the five finalists managed to put smiles on their faces. I just hope that once a similar event is held next year it will be bigger and become even better each year," said Saara Kandjala who is an LRC member responsible for academic affairs and who in most cases oversees and spearheads school entertainment.
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