• September 20th, 2018
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Donkey meat butchery Causes Stir

GOBABIS Residents of Gobabis have asked the town's health inspector, Austin Luckhoff to inspect donkey meat that is being sold here since the beginning of July. Some residents complained about donkey meat being sold and wondered if it is good for human consumption. They complained that since the animals are not vaccinated against any disease, donkey meat should not be sold in local registered butcheries. Some residents also wanted to know from the municipality whether Renire van der Watt is in possession of a licence to sell such meat. Approached for comment, Luckhoff said the Town General Health Regulations stipulate that any wild or domestic animal could be slaughtered in the registered butchery if it meets health inspection criteria. According to Van der Watt, his butchery has done research and found that many people in the Omaheke Region like to eat donkey meat. He said in South Africa, donkey and horse meat are popular in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Luckhoff said any person who complies with the Town General Health Regulations could open such a butchery, adding that the town council had no powers to bar anybody from selling donkey meat. He pointed out however that a prescribed inspection should be conducted on the donkey meat, just like meat from other domestic animals in order to determine whether it is safe for human consumption. Luckhoff maintained that Van der Watt slaughters donkeys at Witvlei Abbaitor. Before the meat is sold, it is first inspected by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and then his office. He said his office could approve all meat butcheries if the building structures and products meet the Town General Health Regulations. "Anybody who wants to open a donkey or horse (meat) butchery should comply with the laws and then his or her business will be approved," stated Luckhoff. The Town Health Inspector revealed that Setswana-speaking people have been eating donkey meat since time immemorial. Meanwhile, Van der Watt said his donkey or horse meat business is doing well. - Nampa
2006-07-13 00:00:00 12 years ago
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