• September 19th, 2018
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SelCo Again in Dock

By Chrispin Inambao WINDHOEK SelCo, a firm that controversially secured a lucrative fifteen-year management contract for the distribution of power at Keetmanshoop, stands accused of 'exporting' two electricity transformers to Mozambique. Though Allen van Zyl, SelCo's head at Keetmanshoop yesterday said "no comment" when contacted about the allegation, a town councilor, municipal officials and other sources confirmed the move. A senior municipal employee, who requested anonymity as the company is presently involved in a separate High Court case over the legality of the lengthy contract, said he was personally involved in removing the two transformers from Keetmanshoop. Originally, the equipment was sent to Pretoria for repairs but this was done allegedly without authorization from Government and from the Town Council and the transformers have since been transported to Mozambique, according to sources. SelCo reportedly uses the equipment on one of the projects it secured with the government in Mozambique. A town councillor at Keetmanshoop said action was being contemplated against SelCo. The issue was raised by councillors when they addressed a public meeting at the time and members of the public are yearning for action against the firm. An insider said the two colonial-era transformers that have been used during blackouts each carries 1250 KV of power and have a combined value of at least N$1 million. The transformers come from the old power station near Noordhoek Bridge over the railway line. The fifteen-year management contract under contention was signed at the town in 2001 and it entails SelCo managing the electricity network and collecting electricity payments. One source suggested the company 'exported' the two transformers at a time it was undertaking an audit of electrical installations and equipment at the town.
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