• September 19th, 2018
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Film Screening at FNCC

Tate Penda tells a story of love, greed, trickery and happiness. An Oshiwambo girl falls in love with a Damara boy. Yet, the father's girl has already arranged a traditional wedding for her and is not eager to accept his daughter's wish to marry the one she is in love with. Tate Penda is a movie by Errol Geingob in both English and Oshiwambo. It is a production of Desert Film Productions cc., a film/video and audio production firm that was established by a group of young Namibians with impressive vision, integrity, creativity and technical ability to produce quality video/film productions. D.F.P is a production firm of young upcoming producers, directors, scriptwriters, editors and actors with a sound background of the Namibian film/video industry in general. "We have been involved in various sectors of the film/video industry for quite some time now and thus through this we saw that there was a need for more independent, self established local film producers in the country to develop the local film industry," say D.F.P. people. The corporation has produced two non-commercial educational drama films, documentaries, and corporate videos and still has other productions lined up for the future.
2006-07-21 00:00:00 12 years ago
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