• September 21st, 2018
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'The Grave Manager' on Stage Next Week

By Johanna Nangula WINDHOEK As part of the National Theatre of Namibia's Theatre Zone Project, the NTN will present "The Grave Manager" a theatre play written and directed by Lucky Pieters Mosalele on July 28 and 29 at the National Theatre (Backstage). Tickets are available at the NTN Box Office for N$30 and doors open at 19h00 for 20h00. The play is about a well-known soccer team manager, who is employed at The Grave Manager Cc, as a gravedigger who had to give up the opportunity to watch a crucial soccer match. His aspirations for freedom, peace, prosperity, economic independence, etc. are hampered by a blocked toilet, which is in a complete mess, at the cemetery. He uses the toilet to express his frustrations and also his dreams and desire to cleanse Namibia from the social evils that have deprived the country and its people of the opportunity to truly enjoy and benefit from the hard won independence, freedom, prosperity and to fully develop as a nation. The Grave Manger is a play that discusses some social evils that are deep rooted and threaten the peaceful existence and the aspirations of the nation. "We need to fix the toilet, be it in sports, at work, as politicians, as administrators, in every shop, cuca shop or at home." The Theatre Zone Project aims at providing incentive and funding for regular community-based theatre productions (four to six theatre plays are produced over a period of two years), staged by independent producers, who freely choose the play (mostly original work) identify their own cast, design the stage set and who, in addition to funding, receive full technical and advertising support from the NTN. All theatre Zone productions are co-produced, thus, respective directors/producers are encouraged to solicit additional funding and participate in the marketing and promotion of such a production. The cast (Leading actors): Steven Afrikaner: He plays Fillipus, the Grave Manager; Anna Louw: She plays Ms. Hafeni, the supervisor of Fillipus; Mengis Kohsay: He plays Inspector Nashilongo, who is looking for convicts who have escaped from prison. He and his officers mistakenly arrest Fillipus and interrogate him. Extras: Desiree Kahikopo: She plays the role of a Special Field Force Member under the supervision of Inspector Nashilogo, who is the first to notice Fillipus as he is hiding in the toilet. Dolam flood victims: Fennie Samuel: She plays the role of Auntie Sarafina, an unemployed Dolam flood victim, who has two children and owns an illegal popular shebeen called Dolam Inn. The shebeen is her only way to make ends meet. Her place has become a centre where the local community of Dolam meets and discusses issues that affect them. She is generally known as the caretaker for the needy. Girley Jazoma: She plays Girly, the daughter of Aunt Sarafina. Her dream to become a professional dancer is shattered when she is raped in the early morning hours of Saturday, at the cemetery. Arafat Neuaka: He plays Boetietjie, son of Auntie Sarafina. He is a pickpocket who is more into drugs and was already arrested in possession of drugs. Robert Murangi: He plays the role of Ou Pyp. He is also a flood victim and a previous soccer star struggling to come to terms with the untimely death of his wife. He spends most of his time at the cemetery to seek guidance and comfort from his wife. He has also witnessed the rape but could not do anything to help the girl.
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