• September 26th, 2018
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Tsumeb Targets Unemployed Youth

By Ester Paulus TSUMEB The high unemployment rate amongst the youth is one of the major economic problems facing young people in Tsumeb. Public Relations Officer of the Tsumeb Municipality Kaembo Kasiringua said young people spend their time roaming around the streets instead of being at school or at work. Although he was unable to provide the exact figure on unemployed youth at Tsumeb, Kasiringua expressed concern on the high unemployment rate amongst young people. The town which has a population of about 25 800 has an economic sector which is unable to provide employment to most of its residents in search of work. As a measure to reduce the unemployment rate amongst young people, the Mayor of Tsumeb, Engel Nawatiseb, was involved in talks with the church leaders at the town to initiate programs on youth development. Kasiringua noted that although the town's young people are involved in skills development projects which include a gardening project where community members produce vegetables for consumption and for an income, Kasiringua said that young people are in need of proper employment to sustain themselves. "The local authority is involved in creating these types of employment for the youth but they need assistance from political leaders, the youth themselves and the business people," Kasiringua stated. He urged those responsible for providing scholarships in all spheres of education and training to consider young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Special programmes for youth aimed at facilitating a lasting success in the job market should be provided to the youth. These programs should target young people who are socially disadvantaged so that chances are increased for all our youth to be integrated in the labour force. Kasiringua explained that the increase in unemployment has been roughly proportional to education, implying that some educational programs have not altered the relative distribution of unemployment. He added that a number of other important changes in society accompanying the high and rising levels of youth unemployment are correlated with a number of other social outcomes.
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