• September 26th, 2018
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Ongwediva Fair Hailed

Oshakati The Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair (OATF) presents a good opportunity for Namibians from all walks of life to share experiences, expose their individual skills in manufacturing and create linkages for business development. This was said by the Executive Chairperson of Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies Sven Thieme when he addressed the OATF official launch ceremony at Ongwediva over the weekend. "Let us all support this noble initiative and steer the management of the OATF in the direction that will see Namibia and the North in particular achieve bigger growth rates." Thieme noted that the northern regions have what it takes to meaningfully support the Namibian economy because there is enormous potential for growth. With the potential of being inhabited by a comparatively big market which represents over half of the Namibian population, the resources and potential available in the North need only to be fully explored. "Until recently, business initiatives here were based on individual investments in avenues that in many cases have positively contributed to the process of growth in urban centres." Speaking under the theme: "Business partnerships - a viable strategy for economic growth", Thieme said business partnerships aim to strengthen companies by enhancing their products, portfolios, facilitating skills transfer, market positioning to allow growth and competitiveness. Due to challenges associated with national, regional and global economies and the emergence of competitive markets, said Thieme who is also the Managing Director of Namibia Breweries, the prospects of viable economic growth in countries such as Namibia call for greater cooperation from up coming fronts. Such fronts should be based on strong fundamental principles of venturing into manufacturing and value addition on both local and foreign commodities. Equally, he added, it also calls for a more export-oriented approach on value added commodities rather than raw materials. The ceremony was attended by many individual business people and corporate institutions that pledged financially to sustain the trade fair. Namibia Breweries is the main sponsor of the event. The fair itself will take place from Friday, August 25 to September 2 with the official opening on August 28, to be done by Prime Minister Nahas Angula as guest of honour.
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