• September 21st, 2018
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Let's Stop the Football Circus

Shooting from the Hip Carlos Kambaekwa WHILST I'm not in the habit of multiplying entities beyond necessity, the ongoing shenanigans within our football structures invites thorough debate and some kind of serious scrutiny. I'm been following with keen interest the childish actions of some lusty dudes who claim to have the interest of the beautiful-turned-ugly-game at heart either by hook or crook - and I tell you these blokes are so desperate to put up tent at Soccer House, they have even gone as far as enlisting the services of lawyers to assist them with their draconian approach. What really makes yours truly developing goose flesh is the disgruntled group's faux pas style of going about business by forcefully trying to remove permanent staff members from office without following employment ethics and proper assessment before rendering them ineffective. After all, these self-styled football gurus consider themselves to be the new brooms and seriously want to start afresh, despite a good number of them having been around our football structures for donkey's years with very little success if any. My dear learned friends, if you want to get rid of the staff, there are procedures in place that need to be followed - you first need to prove that the current workforce are incompetent and they are: put them through the ropes before you can show them the door. Maybe these guys were just going about their daily business on instructions from the top and I know you dearly want to see the back of them - prepare handsome severance packages before you kiss and say goodbye. I've already pronounced myself on this issue from day one and I still maintain the current NFA Executive saddled the wrong horse when they deliberately and arrogantly ignored calls for peaceful witties when requested to do so by its subjects. What was the response then? "Sorry gents, we can't have an audience with offenders for the simply reason that you are not in good standing with the Association because of failure to meet your financial obligations." This particular exercise could have serious long-term repercussions because as it stands - no teams should be relegated or promoted since all league activities taking place after the 31st of March 2006 are technically illegal - thus the NFA's initial refusal to have an audience with its affiliates, and rightly so. The affiliates sought recourse in the NFA's patchy statues and rightly exercised their constitutional right by passing a motion of no-confidence in the current NFA leadership - but alas, these dudes have been on the gravy train for far too long to surrender that easily and would not move an inch, instead they countered by seeking refuge in the company of bulky Botswana national Ashford Mamelodi under the guise of FIFA nogal. It has been a while now since the one-man FIFA delegation made his recommendations to the World's governing body, but it looks like the oakies in Zurich are going on a tortoise pace stroll - something which irked Hendrik Dawids and company. What I fail to digest is the wait-and-see attitude adopted by the line ministry and the country's leading football clubs - here I'm referring to teams in the Premier League. What the line ministry concerns, we all know football is an autonomous body and government should keep a healthy distance from the running of the game, but alas, when Athletics and in particular Brra Alpha found himself on the wrong side of the street with the way he ran the game, authorities moved swiftly to call the brother to order - so what is the difference this time around. I would like to urge all stakeholders to get involved and put a stop to the current circus in our beloved game. We can't sit arms folded and pretend as if nothing is happening because there are people who are hell bent on destroying football for their own benefit, since it's now certain some dudes can't just make a living outside football. Chaps, I'm running a bit low on poison, so it's time to sign off until next Friday.
2006-08-04 00:00:00 12 years ago
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