• September 26th, 2018
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The Soccer Craze

By Elvis Mboya Just like any warm-blooded boy next door, I do happen to have friends and acquaintances that I share lots of interests with. You can sure bet on our straight A's in "shebeen science". However, I am slowly losing taste for soccer and that entire obsession associated with it. Lately, we had endless debate on soccer stars and their spendthrift lifestyles. And my good pal from Unam who by then had to hinge a balance between watching World Cup and revising for exams rested his case and chose to study - good for him, It must have dawned on him that his 'small-god' in England's David Beckham has all the pitch glory and overflowing cash but is embarrassed to spend quality time with his sons. For it's an open secret that he can't help his kids with homework - period. What can be more embarrassing for a TV face father? You can bear me witness that I have never come across a dad who failed in school. All fathers will tell you that they were top of their class and scored straight A's! Then whose father was number ten or even dosing in Lecture Halls? Someone has to do it! So, what's Beckham telling his kids when he can't locate the map of Namibia for his sons or even solve a kindergarten Math problem? Probably, we will never know. For the Beckhams of this world just happen to be born with silver balls on their legs and the much hyped face that the Creator took. His time moulding - probably on a Monday and surely he wasn't having a hangover. In addition, he had legs for running up and down, center, side to side chasing that round inflated rubber for ninety minutes. At the end of the day, he smiles all the way to the bank. Ninety-minutes! Oceans apart from even writing some hopeless article that editors frown at before locating the bin. Ninety minutes - far from enough to even revise for exams and pass with 'flying colors'. Ninety minutes - not even enough to make Sunny Boy get Serious. Thus, why craze for this bunch of species basking in the ambience of comfort? Give me a good reason why I should mourn over some Wayne Rooney not playing in the World Cup or even abscond from work to watch some bunch of spoilt and overpaid boys in jerseys. Don't get me wrong here - I like sports and am even well conversant with the 'boy rules' of where and how to watch the game. If there is anything I do share in common with rap mogul Sean Carter aka Jay-Z save for the booty Beyonce Knowles is the admiration for Arsenal captain Thierry Henry's appetite for scoring goals. Even the ever smiling Brazil's Ronaldhino, who is challenging the Law of Gravity by keeping the ball away from the ground as much as his legs can allow him, doesn't impress me more. Along River Nile, my people emphasize on the beauty of the brain that opens doors for endless opportunities. You might be as handsome as the money itself but without brains, you will lose even in a catwalk! For this is the organ yielding engineers, rocket scientists, doctors, lawyers and all those top ten careers drummed in your ears whenever you go home with E's - Is it turning mythical with the advent of Samuel Eto'os? Sincerely, I can't be Balak, Kaka or whoever your 'small god' on the pitch is. That's why I ended up being a journalist. My Unam friend chose the right direction, I am proud of him - majoring on the major, so should you. Well, composing a song for your team, spending fortunes on those 'original' Brazil jerseys when you can't even afford the next drink is fine if you can walk home without mourning over a lost match. For I refuse to be, a Soccermaniac, Gazzamaniac or even Mshashomaniac - for who is the boss if K-Box can't even be a boss for himself - for I am my own boss of mania, thoughts, instincts, tears. And boy - know when to stop. The controversy surrounding the tragic death of a University of Namibia student is mystifying. A slim number of fellow students possess the nerve for comments neither are the staff. Perhaps, many were eager for recess after exhaustive exams - perhaps, the pain just unbearable-bleeding inside. To the Lesotho family, friends and entire campus fraternity do accept my humble condolence. Please, take solace that death is merely a transition to a more peaceful existence.
2006-08-04 00:00:00 12 years ago
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