• September 22nd, 2018
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Omaheke Rumours Dismissed

By Kuvee Kangueehi Gobabis The Swapo Regional Coordinator of the Omaheke Region Festus Ueitele has dismissed allegations that the Swapo regional leadership is imposing candidates on the supporters in the region. Opening a district conference at Epukiro, Ueitele said he was seriously disturbed by allegations that he, Omaheke Governor Laura McLeod and Epukiro Regional Councillor Brave Tjizera are forcing people to vote for their favourite candidates. He noted that Swapo is a democratic party and everybody is free to nominate his or her preferred candidate. "The rumours that are circulating are not true and you should stop telling these lies." He noted that the Epukiro District Conference is a historic one as it is the second district conference of the Epukiro district. "Since the separation of the Epukiro district from the Otjinene district, allow me from the onset to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the District Executive Committee members and in particular the people of Epukiro district for the trust they have bestowed on the Swapo Party by electing a Swapo Party candidate to lead them for the next five years." Ueitele at the same occasion congratulated the businessmen and women of the district for their tireless and unconditional support over the years. "Your contributions during the revitalization process directly resulted in this conference today and it is my supreme conviction that this district conference will elect the party leadership in the Epukiro district that will work hard and mobilize all the Namibian people who did not join the rank and file of the Swapo Party to do so." He said the recently concluded revitalisation process over the past three to four weeks clearly shows that the branches that were the co-drivers of this exercise did a good job, as there were no reports of any unconstitutional or irregular conduct during the process. "I am therefore confidently announcing that the district office successfully completed the revitalisation process as per the Swapo Party constitution and manifesto." He urged all aspiring candidates and the entire Swapo Party leadership in Epukiro, as well as the entire membership in the Omaheke Region to remain true to the spirit of collective leadership and unity of purpose. During the elections Mueze Ndjavera emerged victorious as the district coordinator after obtaining 23 votes, beating off a challenge from Rijamekee Kavari and Abisai Kamatjipose who obtained 16 and five votes respectively. Daniel Hirokoherua was elected treasurer. Current regional councillor Brave Tjizera decided not to stand for any position and many people attributed his decline to his poor health. It is believed that the former parliamentarian backed Kamatjipose for the district coordinator position. The Governor McLeod and Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Kilus Nguvauva also witnessed the elections. Yesterday afternoon, district elections were taking place in Otjinene. The district elections in Steinhausen, Gobabis and Aminuis constituencies have already been completed. It is not clear yet when elections will take place in Otjombinde.
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