• September 20th, 2018
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Movie Industry Must Work Together

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK In order to ensure participation of stakeholders in the Namibian film industry the government must encourage the formation of and work closely with associations operative in this sector. Jacky Motsepe, a senior manager of marketing and public affairs of the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa, gave this advice on Tuesday to the Namibian filmmaking fraternity. Motsepe was sharing South Africa's experiences with her Namibian counterparts in establishing a sustainable film industry in the country during a two-day consultative meeting with government and filmmakers this week. "We believe it is a national imperative to create facilities for ordinary citizens to bear influence in the expression of their own images," Jacky Motsepe said in explaining how the South African institution still in an embryonic stage like Namibia works. According to her, the funding ratio for films in South Africa is less than 10% compared to the international benchmark for the funding ratio of 19%. "This means that for every R1 worth of production, the South African government contributes about 10 cents. The government financially contributes to these productions for the purpose of promoting the country's culture overseas and to develop the local film industry. It is for this reason that South Africa must strive to improve its funding ratio," she recommended. Jacky Motsepe in conclusion also encouraged accessibility of support institutions to the majority of Namibian citizens.
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