• September 21st, 2018
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100 % Unleaded!

Neville Basson You see ... since I am officially divorced from the Brave Warriors I just wanna say we are have a casual relationship now since Wednesday night. They came back to me again pleading that I must take them back but ... uh .. nou ja ... I guess Wednesday night was not such a big disappointment after all. The boys played very well and proved that there in fact is life after 1998 ... if you know what I mean. At least we were inspired by a young Namibian girl who came out smoking on continental level by kicking dust in the eyes of quite a few beauties from our continent. I would just officially like to congratulate Venantia Otto on winning the Nokia Face of Africa competition. And I dare that idiot who called to the chat show in 1998 just after Benvinda won who said that Benavinda was not good looking enough .... they should have chosen a girl maybe from Egypt, Tunisia or something ... they look ''kammastag'' better than Herero women! I was shocked to hear that .. and don't be fooled, you could hear the call was made by a black guy! Even though I don't watch beauty contests I really took a keen interest in it this week after I learnt that a Namibian woman won this title again. Just to mingle and to let women know that I kammastag watch this I brought the issue up with a few Shariffa's, Jenniffer's, Sophia's I was having lunch with. From their names you can guess ... I guess that they are Coloured. They did not look very happy anyway that Otto won this pageant. I said:'' Etse, en nou, why do you guys not look so happy with Otto's win, huh? Sophia:'' Nee Neville dis sommer nonsense, as a Coloured woman in this country I have the right and the beauty to also take part in this prestigious contest, maar nee... I have no idea why we as Coloured women are overlooked when it comes to anything African! Nee, nee ... hierrie goed maak my sommer be*&(&ok !''. I said:'' You see Sophia .. maybe if you stop swearing and hanging out at Heaven drinking until 03h00 on Wednesday, the organizers might consider you, hang out in the sun a bit more so that the effect of your alcohol abuse on your skin does not look so evident my bokkie!'' Sophia:'' Luister Neville, jy koop nie vir my drank nie okay? I'll drink whatever and how many I want, it still is very unfair that only black women are preferred when it comes to these type of things, I really consider this as reversed apartheid! Besides, these black women actually try very hard to look like us!'' I asked:'' Hallo? What makes you think that black women would like to look like you huh?'' Sophia:'' Nee Neville, why would girls from Katutura constantly put human hair on their heads if they don't want to look like us? Kom nou ... se vir my huh? No wonder you Katutura boys like to run after us!'' I said:'' Well uhh ..you see uhh ..well ..I think you are becoming too personal here okay?'' You see Sophie ... Shariffa or whatever your meaningless name is ... that's why I like the Nokia Face of Africa ... they HAVE NO HUMAN HAIR THERE! Miss Namibia allows that, you end up voting for ... well .. I don't know who she is after all that horsetail hair! Nokia Face of Africa chicks are 100 % pure unleaded fuel! So please all the girls from Khomasdal, let me know if you would like to start a little beauty pageant, make me the patron or something, we will talk to Siemens, Erickson or LG, we could start a ''Siemens face of Khomasdal'' as soon as possible! Hurry while human hair lasts! Mbye mbye.
2006-08-18 00:00:00 12 years ago
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