• September 22nd, 2018
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Today's 'Downs' Might Be Tomorrow's Highs

Today's 'downs' will come tomorrow and the chances of rising again to a 'high' seem hollow - but that's only in your mind. If you give it time, all will be fine. Often, most people find themselves down in the doldrums, possibly because of their own doing or due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond their control. Time and again, we hear people saying 'life is so unfair' but, then again, who said it is supposed to be fair? Who is the victim and the victimiser? In the modern culture that we have come to make our own, people's feelings have been downtrodden and a conscience is considered by most as a weakness. Money and not morality is the principle commerce of civilised nations. What about the broken souls that are caught up in the belly of the beast - what will happen to them? Although no one would voluntarily throw themselves into difficult situations, but this has become a common way of attracting attention, yet others do it out of mischief, particularly adolescents. Out of these small mishaps, a good number of them become outcasts because no one has time to listen and address the problem amicably, which leads the youth to dig the hole deeper to the point that they cannot crawl out. This is a sad story common to most families and no one will ever know what happened to that happy young girl/boy. But all you can see now is the fruits of all your hard work: "A black sheep" you solemnly painted Youths are not the only people that are victims even. Adults often find themselves in the same predicament. Adults also often find themselves in the doldrums, but yet a youth can find comfort in the hearts of their parents, who are there to listen when they have hit rock bottom. I guess most never thought the term 'like-father, like-son' could apply to such a situation. You dig deeper and in the end you can't crawl out, and, if you ever do sometimes, its too late because you most probably buried every one in the dust when you were digging - another sad story. They are most probably as many reasons as they are people on earth that live on with a very low self-esteem, depressed, unhappy, uninspired, feeling dejected and heading for the doldrums, but the main reason is that the next man just does not care. A paradigm shift of the way people think is much needed if we are to find light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe we are a different race of people, of different colour and of different spiritual convictions, but for a brighter future, people should come together by virtue of love and reverse this paradigm.
2006-08-18 00:00:00 12 years ago
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