• September 22nd, 2018
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Neumbo Ventures into Used Tyres Business

By Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro WINDHOEK Judge for yourself. Co-owner of the Katutura-based Jin Used Tyres and Repairs, Simeon Neumbo, entices motorists, cautious not to blow his own trumpet. Instead, he invites them to visit his warehouses, see the products and compare the prices. The used tyres venture has been in existence since 2004, thanks to the Government Credit Guarantee Fund which guaranteed a loan of about N$200,000. The venture was born out of Neumbo's realization that the road to employment in this era of rising unemployment is self-employment. The products, he submits, which hail from Australia where hot and sandy climatic conditions are similar to those in Namibia, are just right for this country. Not only that, but having usurped only 50 per cent of their usable value, they still have much life left in them. In fact, some still have as much as 95 per cent use value left in them. The prices range between N$800 for a lorry tyre to N$150 for the smallest tyre. All sizes are available and, from a total current stock of about 10,700 tyres, your needs are satisfied as well as guaranteed. The price includes balancing the tyres and fitting. And, as one can read from the name, a tyre repair service is also offered. The main business is centred in Okuryangava and is open seven days a week from seven o'clock in the morning (07h00) to half-past five in the afternoon (17h30). Even during public holidays when most places are closed, Jin Tyres' doors remain open to you. "Of course not oblivious to the country's labour laws as workers are paid overtime," Julia, a business partner, adds quickly. Fitting and balancing take place at the business's workshop in Shire Street next to the Oshakati Service Station. Today the venture is a far cry from what it was in 2004 when capacity was a problem and they could only manage to order just a container of tyres. Now they can manage two to three containers and they employ five people in total. In addition, they have agent outlets in Gobabis, Katima Mulilo, Oshakati, Opuwo and Walvis Bay. Keetmanshoop and Okakarara are to follow soon. Still, they are far from reaching their desired destination. They are ultimately to branch out into selling new tyres, having established extensive contacts in the tyre business in countries like Singapore, Japan, India and Saudi Arabia provided, of course, that money institutions see the viability of the venture and advance loans to allow it to expand. When it becomes fully-fledged, the business aims to plough back into its communities such amenities as building parks; of course, using its main resource - tyres. It also plans to target the day when it will be in a position to benefit those making use of donkey carts and to supply them with used tyres. Neumbo's ambition and that of the company know no limits. They have their sights set on the recycling of used tyres by melting them and using the product to tar some small roads. The venture can be reached at the following numbers: 081-274-6242 (Simeon Neumbo), 081-218-7771 (Gerson Mumbango), 081-124-1249 (Julia Neumbo), 21-0357 (Wanaheda) and 30-0761(Okuryangava).
2006-08-25 00:00:00 12 years ago
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