• September 24th, 2018
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It's Summer Time!

By Petronella Sibeene This weekend the country changes over to summer time. Clocks and watches around the country - except in the Caprivi where unofficially the time has remained one hour ahead of the rest of the country during the past five months of official winter time - have to be turned ahead an hour at 02h00 on Sunday to ring in the official start of spring/ summer. This will bring Namibian time back in line with other countries in the sub-region. In terms of the Namibian Time Act of 1994, summer time starts at 02h00 on the first Sunday of September each year, being two hours in advance of Greenwich Mean Time. Winter time starts at 02h00 on the first Sunday of April each year to be one hour in advance of the Greenwich meridian. Although some people might view the whole time change process as unnecessary, some Namibians take pride in the annual time change, as this is part of the de-colonization process of the country, made possible through the introduction of the Time Change Act. The Namibian Weather Bureau reminds all Namibians to adjust their watches and clocks by one hour forward as from this coming Sunday, when summer time officially starts.
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