• September 26th, 2018
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Chinese Ambassador Donates Computers

By Francis Tsawayo WINDHOEK In an effort to assist the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications to set up a comprehensive fixed asset register, the Ambassador of China to Namibia. Liang Yinzhu. handed over 6 computers to Minister of Works, Joel Kaapanda. Yinzhu said he met the Minister earlier this year where he learnt about the pressing need for computer equipment. Although he noted that the donation was small, Yinzhu said the gesture was an expression of goodwill from the People's Republic towards a country with which they have shared a cordial relationship since before independence. Speaking at the ceremony, Kaapanda acknowledged that this was not the first development aid the government had received from China. He revealed that his ministry was in the process of setting up a comprehensive fixed register into which all government's fixed properties would be entered to facilitate good asset management. Kaapanda also announced that the data collection process, which began earlier this year, in March, had been completed. Currently, 80% of the work is complete while only about 20% which comprises data entry and analyses, is still to be finalized. Kaapanda reiterated that the donation had come at an appropriate time when the ministry was searching for resources to enable them to implement the second phase of the envisaged comprehensive and updated fixed assets register. "It is our intention to utilize these computers for this purpose because without this much-needed technology we will not be able to fulfil our objectives," Kaapanda stated. The Minister noted that the equipment would allow his ministry to realize their goal to set up a customer-friendly environment which will help to clear locations and occupants of properties. Kaapanda further urged those in the fixed asset department to be responsible and to utilize the computers for the function for which they were intended. He called on other countries, parastatals and the business community to emulate the example set by the People's Republic of China and to assist the ministry to expand the project to all 13 political regions of the country.
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