• September 19th, 2018
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Killing Innocent Civilians Is An Outrage

It is with a deep sense of outrage that we note the killing of so many innocent civilians - many of them only children - by the Israeli army in Lebanon What has been revealed now is that the military invasion was already planned months ago by the Israeli army and that the kidnapping of their two soldiers was a pretext for this illegal invasion. There were in fact many cross-border incidents before this kidnapping. We should remind ourselves that a few days before this incident, the Israeli army illegally kidnapped 14 democratically-elected Palestinian (Hamas) government ministers. Currently, Israel holds 33 high-ranking Palestinian government officials. In addition, just two days before the kidnapping of the first Israeli soldier by Palestinians, the Israeli army abducted two Palestinian civilians (a medical doctor and his brother). The fact of the matter is that thousands of Palestinians are languishing in Israeli jails without having been brought to trial. Some political prisoners have been there for more than 30 years. The survival of Israel is hardly threatened by weak states such as Lebanon and Syria, let alone the colonized Palestinians. Israel is a nuclear power and has the 5th strongest army in the world. The purpose of this undeclared war - which is being carried out with the active involvement of US military planners who also want to send a message to Iran - is to install a puppet government in Lebanon or at least destroy the southern part of that country. For various geopolitical reasons, Israel received billions of US dollars every year: in turn, for example, large amounts of the money go back to the US military-industrial complex. Due to the US protection, the Israeli government simply ignores nearly 50 UN resolutions about its illegal occupation of Palestine. It is so hypocritical that Israel suddenly wants the UN resolution on Southern Lebanon to be implemented. For the record, let us make it clear that we do not have a problem with the Jewish or Israeli people. But we most certainly have a serious problem with the Zionist leadership that has committed many crimes against humanity. Of course, these kinds of atrocities that we witness in Lebanon are perpetrated against the Palestinians on a regular basis except that the television cameras are kept out by the Israeli army. The Palestinians are a colonized people - they were forcefully chased off their land in 1948 by the Zionists. We believe that a two-state solution in Palestine/Israel does not work because the West Bank and Gaza are so much worse off than the Bantustan homelands that we used to have in this part of the world. In any case, Israel would never give real independence to the West Bank since the main water source in the region is located there. Let us also remember that 4 million Palestinians are in exile. The reality is that Palestine/Israel should have a one-state solution - a democratic and secular unitary state. The Zionist nightmare is to chase all Palestinians off their land and to constantly colonize as much as possible. We strongly condemn the actions of the Zionist leadership and support the call for sanctions against this rogue state. B. van Wyk & D. Kaze-nango Windhoek
2006-09-08 00:00:00 12 years ago
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