• September 25th, 2018
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Dissatisfied Consumer Regarding Pick 'n Pay

In May of this year, I discovered that the grilled chickens being sold at Pick 'n Pay in Eros Park were underweight. All grilled chickens were being sold at a fixed price, irrespective of weight. The grilled chickens were supposed to weigh at least 1kg. However, the weight of each was as little as 560g. I believe this weight actually qualifies for a pigeon and not a chicken! I confronted the management at both Eros Park Pick 'n Pay and their head office who agreed that the chickens sold were underweight and that the matter would be rectified. I warned them that I would go to the press should this happen again. On Friday, September 8, I bought four grilled chickens for N$32.99 each. When I got home I weighed them and found that none of them weighed 1kg. They all weighed just over 800g each, and I phoned the manager to inform her of this fact and told her that they were ripping the customers off. She apologized and said that instructions came from head office as to how the chickens must be sold and promised me two free grilled chickens on Saturday. I went to collect my two free chickens on Saturday and insisted that all the grilled chickens were under 1kg, and they were all being sold for N$32.99! In fact, some were just over 700g. This is not all. Grilled chickens at Pick 'n Pay at Wernhil are being sold for N$29.99 and at Eros Park for N$32.99. Why the difference in price from the same franchise and the same town? And why the difference in weight? How can Pick 'n Pay justify this action. I kindly request you to bring this to the attention of all your readers who must insist that the grilled chickens be weighed before purchasing, irrespective of who the retailer is! Perhaps you ought to investigate the industry as I am sure this is no exception. Yours sincerely Dissatisfied Consumer Windhoek
2006-09-15 00:00:00 12 years ago
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