• September 19th, 2018
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Inter-Censal Sensitization Workshop Held in Opuwo

By Michael Liswaniso OPUWO The National Planning Commission (NPC), through the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), held a one-day sensitization workshop in Kunene Region's hub of Opuwo on Wednesday this week. The workshop was held in preparation for the second Inter-Censal Demographic Survey (NIDS) to be conducted. The first survey was held in 1996, five years after the first-ever population and housing census was done in 1991 after independence. The survey is normally done every five years in order to update the current rate of the national census needed for planning and policy-making, according to experts from the NPC. The national population and housing census is done every ten years. The aim of the workshop, conducted in Kunene and to be run in all other regions for the whole of this month, is to equip participants with basic knowledge on NIDS which is vital for measuring demographic and socio-economic indicators. The workshop was facilitated jointly by employees of NPC which was made up of Liina Kafidi, deputy director for the demography and social statistics division, Richard Sibanga, the head of the demography sub-division, and Eben Kahitu, a statistical assistant. More than 50 participants made up of constituency councillors of the region, regional council staff, heads of ministries at regional level and their assistants together with representatives from town councils that fall in different constituencies, among others, attended the one-day sensitization workshop. The Khorixas constituency councillor who is also a Member of Parliament at National Council, Sebastian !Gobs, officially opened the workshop on behalf of the regional governor, Dudu Murorua. Reading the speech on his behalf, !Gobs welcomed everyone to Kunene's hub. "Our presence here is an affirmation of the collective appreciation of the significance of statistics and the vital role statistics play in monitoring the extent to which we have been successfully implementing our development programme." He noted that it is today accepted all over the world that, in order to effectively plan and efficiently deliver services, people need statistical information to guide them. "Statistics inform where we need to put emphasis and identify areas that need intervention. Statistics help us to prioritize so that we realize our development objectives within limited resources," he said. Samuel Ganuseb, deputy director for personnel at the Regional Council, officiated as the workshop's chairperson standing in for the current acting chief regional officer, George Kamseb. Questions on the survey methodology, sample design, main indicators to be measured and publicity, among others, were raised by participants. The Epupa Constituency Councillor, Mburura Jona-Kasita, officially closed the workshop and called on participants and fellow councillors to spread the message and to make it available to their respective constituencies and workplaces. He also emphasized the need for working together to ensure that the upcoming survey is successful.
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