• September 20th, 2018
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Khomasdal School's Golden Jubilee

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK The St Andrew's Primary school in Khomasdal is this year celebrating its 50th year. The school was established in 1956 by Richardene Kloppers in the Old Location of Windhoek. The school, which was started with learners under a camelthorn tree, has grown from humble beginnings into an important educational institution to embrace everyone in need of education. "St Andrew's prides itself as one of the first non-racial schools at a time when racism reached its peak in Namibia with far-reaching effects, especially on the educational advancement of black children," states a celebratory pamphlet circulated by the school. The school played a pivotal role during the years of political oppression of blacks in Namibia. "It soon became a beacon of hope for the marginalized, the destitute and the oppressed. The school has experienced its own share of troubles and problems over the years, but it has braved the trials and tribulations and the demands of the times," the official pamphlet states. The school, learners and staff live by its declared mission statement of Establishing a conducive learning environment in order to meet the objectives of Vision 2030 and beyond. "The many lawyers, doctors, politicians, technicians, engineers, teachers and other influential leaders in the Khomasdal community, who received their grounding at the school, are testimony to fifty golden years of dedicated quality educational service," it stated. The school presently has 600 learners and a staff component of 18 teachers responsible for the organizing of a programme that starts with a gala evening on Saturday, 7 October, and ends with a church service on Sunday, 15 October. Tickets at N$250 for the gala evening can be bought from the organizers at the school at telephone (061) 21-3326.
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