• September 18th, 2018
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Same Old Show

Neville Basson As much as I like NBC National Radio, okay, let me rephrase that. I like National radio quite a lot! But please NBC, if you guys play another '' when you are mine'' ad on the radio about some sms competition I will just crack! Life is difficult already as it is, now I still have to listen to this Sub-A ad running on radio! I am trying to escape this soapie every night at my house ... just to be bombarded by it over radio. Pasop, I can obtain a Radio Wave membership card ... yes, I don't care if I would be the only black listener on the station! As it's practice every year, I am confronted by my son about going to the Windhoek Show. I know there are a lot of you parents out there who keep on telling yourself: "Aggh, I don't care if he cries his eyes out ... I am not going to the Windhoek show this year at all!" But after a few bouts of sulking, you look at the guy ... you look in his eyes and think back to the early 70s-80s when you begged your mother to buy you a smurf toy. Yes, and I can remember I was quite a sulk back in the days! Okay, let me just do this and get it over with! Now you see people, I have been going to the Windhoek Show now since I was a 'kanatjie'. I don't know what the show society is doing every year. Do they basically just 'cut and paste' the Windhoek Show every year, huh? Nothing seems to be changing at all, everything stays quite the same ... like my salary! So I told myself, let me be open-minded about this thing now and go over there and kamma try and enjoy myself. First stop ... yes, as I expected . That same old cow that was hanging there when I was a kid way back in the 70s is still there! How do they manage to keep it that fresh, huh? I mean, I should really go and find out about these preservation techniques these boers are using whenever they work their meat! So, the cow is still there people, in case you have not been to the show yet! The pool section is still there where you left it! I really think it's quite cheaper swimming in the Gammams river on your way to the single quarters than buying yourself one of those expensive pools! The snake park is still there where you left it! I took a picture of a python with my baby boy there the other day. That crocodile is lying there in the same position as in 1983. I really think this crocodile does not know the country is free and independent now! I mean, anybody on pure air can't lie still like that for over 25 years! The presenter is obviously not the same guy ... hope he was not eaten by that big python lying in that box over there! Yes, to all Hereros ... the cattle section has never moved! The Brahman bulls are even more hardegat this year! I mean ...what was that bull's problem? I just wanted to touch his scrotum to see if he comes from a good breed ... why it had to kick me in my groin baffles my mind! I went over to the beer tent ... well, uhh, this one changed a bit. In the 80s we were not really 'allowed' there. The only music that was allowed there seemed to be anything that sounded like an Umpa orchestra from Deutschland! Maar nee ... Ou Zoks and Zulla Five were there doing their thing in the beer tent! At least after independence they don't have to worry about bikers waiting for them with chains in front of Jack Mat! The rides? Well, there's not one I have not tried ... from the Dive Bomber to the Mexican wave I have done all of it. I still don't understand why black people have to scream so loud when they are on these things! But some of these white guys climbing on these rides who sit as cool as they do must have smoked something. There's no person who can sanely sit still in the Dive Bomber while you are falling to earth at that velocity ! So people, gaan julle maar ... its cool. If you have a photographic memory, still back and think what you saw last year ... do you see it? Mbye mbye!
2006-10-06 00:00:00 11 years ago
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