• September 19th, 2018
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Politburo Discusses Nyamu and Kapia

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Two of the issues that have challenged unity within the Swapo Party were expected to be discussed last night at the party's Politburo meeting. The Politburo was expected to discuss an appeal by expelled Swapo leader Jesaya Nyamu as well as a decision on the fate of suspended secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), Paulus Kapia. A member of the Swapo Politburo who spoke on condition of anonymity told New Era that the two items were on the agenda. "The SPYL report on the issue of Kapia will be discussed as well as the appeal of Nyamu." The former Minister of Trade, Nyamu was expelled by the Politburo on December 7, 2005 after he openly acknowledged that he was the author of notes scribbled on pieces of paper with thoughts about the possibility of forming another political party. The notes, which are now commonly known as the "Nyamu notes" and which were on four small pieces of paper, set out two "options", apparently for supporters of former Foreign Affairs Minister Hidipo Hamutenya. It is believed that Nyamu wrote the notes around the time former President Sam Nujoma dismissed Hamutenya as foreign affairs minister. Nyamu is believed to be an ally of Hamutenya and a close confidante. Three years ago, he nominated Hamutenya for the vice-presidency of Swapo. Swapo Party President Nujoma in announcing Nyamu's expulsion said Nyamu had conducted himself in a manner that was contrary to the ideals of Swapo Party unity and principles, as enshrined in the party's constitution. He said because of his incitement of division, violence and factionalism within Swapo Party, the Politburo had resolved that he was not worthy of Swapo Party membership. In turn, Nyamu did not take the decision kindly and made a stinging attack on the president of the party as well as other senior party leaders. He claimed his erstwhile party had been hijacked by a powerful "clique" from the Omusati Region. Nyamu held a press conference at his house where he fingered Nujoma, Justice Minister and Attorney General Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Lands Minister Jerry Ekandjo as part of the powerful "clique" that controls Swapo and was responsible for his political demise. In a symbolic gesture to express his rejection of the move to eject him from Swapo, Nyamu produced his letter of expulsion and burned it in front of journalists, saying the letter was "utter rubbish". Setting alight a copy of the letter, which was on a Swapo letterhead, the former cabinet minister claimed that his expulsion from the party was not the decision of the Politburo but the action of the "Omusati clique" within the Politburo, which abused the name of Swapo party. The Politburo meeting will also bring an end to the dragged out case of Kapia. The SPYL Central Committee and National Executive Committee (NEC) both adopted the report and forwarded recommendations in the report to the secretary general of the party for the attention of the Politburo meeting. Kapia was suspended on September 05 last year following their implication in the N$30-million Avid deal that went awry and which has so far resulted in several people being suspended from their jobs, while the scheme's alleged mastermind Lazarus Kandara committed suicide while under police guard. A Central Committee meeting is expected to be called soon to adopt any decisions taken at last night's Politburo meeting.
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