• September 23rd, 2018
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Agricultural Shows Are Vital

By Kuvee Kangueehi Okakarara The General Manager of the Meat Board of Namibia, Paul Strydom, has said agricultural shows countrywide have become an important platform to exchange information on effective productivity, skills transfer and knowledge enhancement, and thus must be promoted. Speaking at the official opening of the Otjozondjupa Regional Show on Saturday, Strydom said farming is a business and that the constant exchange of information and sharing are vital for success in today's fast-changing environment. He said the Otjozondjupa Regional agricultural show is another commitment from the farmers' side to align themselves with the call of global trends in livestock marketing. Strydom, who was representing the consortium which sponsored the show to the tune of N$100 000, said the Meat Board through the consortium would continue to make financial contributions to strengthen the consortium in order to meet the requirements of developing communal farmers. Strydom called upon other companies in Namibia to join the consortium of organizations in order to fast-track development of the communal areas in line with Vision 2030. "Putting resources together is quite important in fast-tracking development and is a pre-requisite for sustainable development, especially in our marginalized communal areas." Strydom said having identified the common needs that affect all communal farmers in Namibia, the consortium of nine organizations initiated the noble cause and combined efforts to pool financial resources for the development of communal farmers in order to improve productivity. He revealed that to date, the consortium has availed over N$1-million to the Namibia National Farmers' Union (NNFU), the umbrella body of the communal farmers responsible for the allocation of funds to various communal shows countrywide. He said the capital injection is clear evidence that corporate institutions in Namibia recognize the dire needs of communal farmers. "National economic development will be difficult to realize if this sector of the agricultural industry is not developed to its maximum potential." The Governor of the Otjozondjupa Region, Theofelus Eiseb, also recognized the importance of communal agricultural shows and said the show would create a conducive platform for farmers, the business community, visitors and developmental partners to meet and share theoretical and practical ideas pertaining to agricultural advancement. "This third agricultural and industrial show of the Otjozondjupa communal farmers in Okakarara is a clear indication that the agricultural sector is a suitable and preferable economic way of living." The governor called on all stakeholders to openly take part in events or platforms of that nature irrespective of their ethnical, economic and or political differences. He said all endeavours of members within the leadership of farming organizations should be in the interest of farmers and the community at large, so as to secure unity among the farming community. "It is without any doubt that well organized and united farming is always a success and productive, but disunity will cause profound damage to our agricultural sector." The Otjozondjupa Regional Show started on Friday and ended on Sunday. Over seven hundred people attended the show, while 67 animals were marketed at the event.
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