• September 23rd, 2018
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Bravery Award for Founding Father

By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK The Founding Father of the Namibian nation and Former President Dr Sam Nujoma, who boasts an array of international and national awards for honour and bravery, has yet another coming. This time he is to be decorated with the "King Iipumbu yaTshirongo Highest Honour of Bravery" award from Iipumbu Secondary School in Oshakati. On Saturday hundreds of dignitaries consisting of government, traditional, religious and business people, will gather to witness the event at Iipumbu Secondary School at a glittering fund-raising Gala Dinner. Spokesperson for the Steering Committee, Armas Shivute Armas, said the award is part of the Iipumbu Secondary School's 25th anniversary celebrations. It aims to bring together former as well as current students, teachers and members of the public to collect funds to renovate the school. "Iipumbu Secondary School is named after the last Uukwambi King Iipumbu ya Tshirongo, who was well-known for his determination, toughness and bravery," said Armas. "He even used his handgun to shoot at a flying colonial helicopter that tried to overthrow him from power," he stated in a recent press release. In just the same spirit and determination of character, Nujoma also deserves to be accorded the very same award for bravery for leading Namibia to freedom. "There is a similarity between the two men - whenever the Founding Father sets out to do something, he even does it like the Railway Project and Vision 2030 for the benefit of the people," said Armas. The latest award is unique and goes a long way to acknowledging the courageous role the Founding Father of the Namibian Nation played in maintaining a peaceful, democratic State since the country's independence on March 21, 1990. Nujoma has won international, national and honorary awards and recognition for the leading role he played in leading the country to freedom from years of colonial rule. Among them are the African Statesmen Honorary Award and the African-American Institute (AAI) Award for National Achievement in 2004. Members of the public are encouraged to take part in the fund-raising event. Their money will go towards renovating the school. Seat prices range from N$150 to N$300 each. As part of the upcoming celebrations at Iipumbu Secondary School, the country's top local musicians will also be honoured for their valuable contribution to the music industry. The winner, who will be announced at Saturday's Gala Dinner, is to receive the prestigious King Iipumbu Namibia Music Excellence Award. Among the seven nominees are Gazza (Kwaito), Tunacky (traditional), Mfanakits (Kwaito Sound Machine), The Dogg (Kwaito), Big Ben (Maskandi, Musician and Producer), Gal Level (R&B duo) and Jerico (Hip Hop).
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