• September 25th, 2018
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Who Wrote the Anthem?

Neville Basson I chose the name of above topic because these two guys were raving in my era, that's now of course the late 80s - early 90s. I just can't stand R&B music of today. A good dose of Kwaito/Hikwa plus Phura just makes my weekends! My love for jazz is also un-wavered. I just can't listen to any American artist who is younger than me ... in his late teens or mid-20s! What I was not aware of was that we had our own R. Kelly and Babyface within our midst. I thought the only thing comrades were doing during the liberation struggle was dodging bullets and studying military tactics in the Soviet Union! Maar nee, I was very, very wrong. You obviously know that by now there is a major dispute between Owambo lokasie (Onjambo) and Damara 7 about who actually wrote the national anthem! I approached a few klipharde Damaras at the Big Shops to ask their opinion on this whole issue. Bra Zeiks: "Etse Nebel (Neville), daai wamboe moenie k&*&k soek nie!" When did they ever write the National anthem, huh? Where were they when we, the Damaras were singing loud out of the Laudate 'gesangboek'? We, the Damaras are the best singers in this country! If the comrade Hidipo did write and compose the anthem, we would have fainted after 20 minutes of constant singing!" I said: "Nee Zeiks, you see, I did a bit of research. HH is not saying he composed it, all he said is he wrote the words on a plane on his way to a battlefield, but Aboetie Axali came up with the rhyme. How do you feel about that?" Bra Zeiks: "Dit se fo*&ol nie man! I am telling you there is just no way that a Wamboe would know anything about music! It's like a lot of guys who keep on boasting here in the streets: 'I used to beat Frankie in the 100-m when we were in standard 1!' What does that have to do with anything today, huh?" I said: "Okay Bra Zeiks, since we are all Namibians working for the best for this country, let's just let bygones be bygones, okay?" Bra Zeiks: "Nee, nee, nee! If we the Damaras tried to claim that we fired the first shots against the Boers in 1966 can you imagine what these comrades would have said, huh? They would have held a national inquiry on whether Aboetie Justus Garoeb is starting a coup in Khorixas, so asseblief tog Nebel, since you are friends with most of these corporate Wamboe's, tell them to please leave Aboetie Axali alone, okay? We will not apply for any tender that we know they will get, we will not ask them for reparation ... let's just have our national anthem for ourselves please. Uh sorry tog Nebel, since I am talking to you now ... gee gou 5 rand! I want to buy myself a cigarette! " Mbye mbye.
2006-10-27 00:00:00 11 years ago
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