• September 20th, 2018
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Abuse and Violence Artistically Portrayed

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK An 8-day long programme on Woman and Child Abuse is to be presented by a local arts and culture body, Avalon Event, later this month, it was announced in a press release by the organization. "Woman and Child Abuse is a topic which is ever present in Namibia. With the recent increase in violent cases in Namibia, it is clear that our community must become more active in the fight against woman and child abuse," the release stated. Avalon Event decided to take on this challenge. "Avalon, a Namibian event production company, took the initiative and embarked on an awareness campaign whereby various organizations, which are involved in this honourable task, would join forces and create a large-scale public awareness," Frank Dornbrach said in the press release. Avalon Event together with the Office of the Ombudsman and Studio 77 of Tony Figuera are collectively responsible for the programme. According to Dornbrach, the awareness week, titled 'Exposed', will be a culmination of various artistic genres, being both shocking and informative, and will include: - an exhibition of fine art prints regarding the theme - a sophisticated theatrical performance : woman abuse - live happenings - three-dimensional exhibition objects - lecture / debate - radio presentations - grand opening with VIPs. All activities starting on November 24 will take place at Studio 77, Old Breweries Complex, entrance Garten Street. Highlights from the programme include: Friday 24 November 2006 What: Exhibition: "EXPOSED" by Frank Dornbrach Frank Dornbrach, a qualified designer will exhibit his fine art prints with the theme: "EXPOSED" Frank has had various exhibitions throughout Europe and is now exhibiting a collection of explicit prints depicting the sensual, sensitive and beautiful woman. What: Theatrical Performance: ME&U Written, directed and performed by Natasha Lamoela me&u is a sophisticated, high-class production brought to you by Avalon Event. ... a combination of dramatic monologue, dance and physical theatre. ... a must-see for all women and for all those who have been touched by a woman. Warning: the play is critical and controversial and confronts the audience with sensitive social issues. This popular drama subtly intertwines the elements of humour & tragedy together; awakening deep emotions in the audience. Avalon Event invites all women (& men who try to understand a woman) to be churned up for about 40 min. Costs: N$35-00, tickets at the door Bookings: contact Frank 081-277-4212
2006-11-03 00:00:00 11 years ago
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